This is the official website for the music ministry of Daniel (bigDan) McDon, called The Project salt.

Worship . Prayer . Word .

Since our inception in 2012, we have remained a collective of young vibrant people burdened with the mandate of bringing hope and healing to the hurting world we live in, on the wings of good music.

This mandate has led us into the creation of contents; wholesome, impactful and spiritual content targeted at touching lives across the globe, all of which are accessible for FREE right here and on major digital platforms on the internet. The amazing testimonies from our audiences around the world have kept us going strong through the years.


Unscripted Sessions

Join us in spontaneous outbursts of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. That’s what we do when we meet as a tribe. We also share testimonies of our faith and love walk knowing how much of a blessing our individual stories are, to lives across nations.


bigDan’s Unscripted Podcast is the name of our podcast and our focus is on raw conversations and unpopular opinions on life’s controversial issues. Basically, we share deep truths from God’s word as they relate to daily living.

Our Music

Since our birth in 2012, we have been engaged in song writing, recording and performing together and individually, onstage and in studios.

Spreading the love of God in the 21st century is not cheap, especially when we consider content creation. We are neither a church nor a fellowship; we are simply an organisation of people who know how life changing great contents are to this generation and the next.

Your support will go a long way to help us achieve our goal. Donations from people like you, massive one-time donations, monthly donations and even revenue from the sales of our gift shop, have been our source of funding over the years. You can be a part of this too, either as a donor from a distance or as a close partner with us.

Do follow us on Facebook and Instgram and subscribe to our platforms on YouTube and Spotify. Your likes, comments and shares are invaluable in our efforts to flood the media with the love of God.