Our last song for the year 2022 is finally out!

According to bigDan, this song came towards the end of 2020 – at a time in his life when all seemed lost and he had no reason to be grateful for the year…or so he thought.

“At the lowest point, when i was ready to blame God for all my woes and write myself off, God gave me these first words…”

-i will not be distracted from your love for me, regardless of all the mess i see-

We want to share this beautiful piece with the world today, the 3rd of December 2022. Its a tricky season where the devil will do all he can to prove to you that you have nothing to be thankful for as the year comes to a close. Well, we insist on praise. You insist on praise.

And we will continually praise God regardless, because, even if he stops doing great things in our lives, he has won our hearts. He won it when he died for us to live blessed lives.

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To our Friends and Partners who support our work financially so we can put out beautiful pieces like this and bless lives around the world, we say thank you. We are grateful for you seeds and gifts…we are truly grateful.

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