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RepJ360 Drops New Song

Popular boy band Rep J360 has released another single titled “Light up The World” produced by Qasebeatz.

The pop rock band, well known within rock music circles is celebrated for their regular concert tagged “Tanna” which features the best of mainstream rock, pop and alternative music artistes in the city of Lagos.

This single which has before now, been performed live on stage is considered a musical expression of their concert theme Tanna.

The song is currently receiving great reviews on social media and so we have decided to make it available here.

Feel free to share this beautiful piece with the world.


The Fellowship Of Gospel Music Ministers Of Nigeria, FOGMMON as a body of music ministers in Nigeria has realized over time that politicians, political groups and campaign organizations have made it their stock in trade to convert songs originally written to praise the almighty God to extol and glorify men in political campaign.
This is highly condemnable, utterly execrable and inexplicably detestable.

We hereby use this medium to Appeal to all our members and by extension every musician in Nigerian to desist from this sacrilegious practice of desecrating the sanctity of our divinely inspired choruses for political campaigns ..we consider this an affront to our convictions and spiritual practices.

However, we state in clear terms our recognition of the constitutional right of everyone to freedom of expression but we will also not ignore the sensibilities of our Christians brotherhood in exhibiting our freedom.
More so, we encourage all our members and musicians who have political convictions and campaign assignments to explore their God given talents and compose bespoken songs for political purposes..
Just as we will continue to enjoin our members to go ahead and join the political process , but do this in utmost reverence to our devotion and loyalty to the God of heaven.

Kindly reach us @fogmmon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you have any rejoinder.



Asu Ekiye

“Find Me a Worshiper” Holds on the 21st of September 2018.

Incase you have not heard yet, this is the latest news in town.

The city of Lagos, especially the town of Ojo is set to encounter a worship experience like never before. A worship concert is scheduled to hold in Ipaye, Ojo LGA on the 21st of this month and it has been tagged by the visionary Jackson Uwaifo as “Find Me a Worshiper (FMaW).

Mr Jackson made his vision clear before the announcement of this epoch concert that it will not only be a time for encountering Jesus through deep worship but it will also be a launchpad for pushing God’s people to higher levels of walk with God. The experience will build capacity within God’s children for more intimacy with their Father.

The event is to commence by 2200 WAT prompt and will feature renowned music ministers including Mouthpiece, Jedi Olawale, bigDan McDon leading us in back-to-back worship sessions to open heavens and open our hearts to receive more revelations of Jesus which will definitely lead to outbreaks of miracles and testimonies.

Worshipers are advised to be there on time as there are limited seats available, more so that no one misses out on any session. Worshipers are also requested to come expectant as the move of God is dependent on their expectations.

This event is proudly supported by the Chosen Vessels Ministers Int’l and yours truly. Therefore we will be there live, so do plan to attend and you expectations will not be cut short.

Worship The King, the annual night of worship Returns!

News reaching us at the moment is that the most anticipated worship program in western Nigeria, “Worship The King (WTK)” is set to hold in August 2018 at a new venue in the city of Lagos.

The annual night of worship which premiered in 2013 and has grown to be widely renowned as the most intense worship vigil, formally took place within the Redemption Camp along Lagos-Ibadan Express way.

After taking a break in 2017, the organising committee has come out with a statement for the program’s regulars and prospective first timers, that 2018 will witness a whole new and improved WTK at a new venue.

According to their instagram post, the new venue for WTK 2018 is The Vanguard of Grace church auditorium, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. This venue is said to be more convenient for people as most of the attending worshipers reside in and around Lagos state while those flying in will not have to travel interstate after landing at the Airport.

This news is being welcomed by fans, friends and followers of the WTK concert who were, in 2017, unable to experience the powerful worship sessions the concert is known for.

The organising committee as usual has withheld the identity of Guest Music Ministers expected to minister at the program to ensure that people come with the sole aim of worshiping God and not because of a particular worship minister.

They are also making a call to all worship loving believers around the world to attend this blessed event with friends and family as we all raise our hearts and voices to worship the King of Kings.

Follow them on Instagram: @niteofworship


Like their Facebook page: Worship the King, so as to stay up to date with subsequent announcements as regards the program.

Makeover (baby girl)…lyrics

I’ve got a friend

who’s the best makeup artiste i know,

He gives the best makeovers in the world,

It may be hard for you to believe, but if he did it for me,

He will do it for you…

Baby girl had a dream,

To be the girl on the screen,

To be the star she knew she could be.

But she had to take care of daddy,

Who was sick to the bone

While her mother had taken to drinking.

Her baby brother and sister,

Depended on her

As she tried to raise money for dinner.

It got tough to survive

and she had nothing to lose

So she chose to do whatever it took.

So she made the wrong friends,

Took the wrong stuff,

And soon the click became a gang.

They took up on drugs

with guns to their side,

when they walked through the block

People ran in to hide

She knew sex had a cost

So she did it for money,

She aborted her kids

Though she never was sorry,

She was losing her mind

And she knew something was wrong,

She tried to get help

‘cos she was lost all along.

She ran to her mother

but she was passed out drunk,

Baby called out for daddy,

But he was dead and gone.

She cried for her siblings

‘Cos they were lost to the world,

So she ran to the church cos she could take it no more…

She cried Jesus please help me,

People say you change lives.

I don’t know if you can hear me

With this evil inside.

I’m running out of time

And I will self-destruct

If you don’t touch my life

‘Cos theres no one else to trust.

So Jesus showed up for her

Like He showed up for me.

If you see baby girl,

You will hardly believe.

She has a beautiful life

With beautiful kids,

She has a husband who loves her

Who led her to Christ.

This is what Jesus does;

If you’re lost you’ll be found,

He will take your pain

And turn your frown upside down…

Go get this song off the “firstfruit collection” now…its awesome.

Available on itunes, boomplay, amazon, spotify, mtnmusicplus etc.

The FirstFruit Tour Kicks off

Following a the release of the FirstFruit Collection, bigDan McDon and The Project Salt will be commencing their tour on the 18th of May ’18.

The tour will kickoff in Lagos Nigeria at the Mega Praise Concert. The team will be hitting different stops across the country featuring in concerts, granting interviews and giving out signed CDs of the FirstFruit Collection from city to city. The Events page on the official website, theprojectsalt.com/events will guide fans and followers on this debut tour.

It will be the pleasure of the team to meet with everyone who has been blessed by the FirstFruit Collection so provisions have been made for impromptu invitations and bookings. To get the team to your city, send an email to info@theprojectsalt.com or call Busayo on +234 706 845 9032 and book them right away.

Renowned Lagos Boy-Band Set for Massive Rock Concert

Renowned rock boy-band RepJ360 is set to go live in concert alongside other rock bands in the city of Lagos. The concert tagged “Tana” is a brainchild of the host band and has seen a number of editions since 2017 featuring prominent artistes of the rock music bias. However this edition will strictly feature four rock music groups in the city of Lagos; plus 234, Gospel Force, Rock of Ages and One Last Autograph.

This concert is one of the many efforts by contemporary rock artistes to establish gospel rock in Nigeria. Another notable effort has been the “On The Rock” Concert put together by Gospel Force. These concerts have recorded rising turnouts over time and massive followership in recent times. Its apparent that gospel rock is finding expression in Nigeria.

The “Tana” concert will take place at the NEBC Multipurpose Hall, no 57 Adisa Bashua street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria on the 29th of April 2018. The show is slated for 3pm so fans and followers are advised to be there on time. Tickets are available for sale online (N1,000) and at the venue (N1,500). T-shirts have also been made available for purchase.

For tickets to the show…



For t-shirts, shoot us a mail and we’ll make one available to you.