It is an honour and privilege to have men and women of great calibre as well as corporate bodies, support the work we do here at The Project Salt.

The entire team sincerely appreciates our kingdom partners who have stood by us through thick and thin to ensure that each project is implemented excellently.

At The Project Salt, we do our best to provide documents containing details of each undertaken project, partner’s involvements and post-project appraisals. These reports are prepared and presented to our partners to ensure accountability as well as encourage them to keep supporting our vision to take the Mountain of Entertainment for the Kingdom of GOD.

Here’s a brochure for our upcoming project, Unscripted Sessions 2.0 for your perusal; we will love your input and involvement.

To support this movement, you can either make your donations simply or join the league of partners.

To simply make a donation, please click the donate link below. Our gratitude knows no bounds.


Benefits Accrued to Our Partners:

Our esteemed partners will be entitled to premium receptions at our events; gaining access to our gated events for free, obtaining wears and other accessories for free and getting VIP seating at our events.

Partners will also enjoy exposure of their selected brands on our broadcasted and publicised events to a certain degree of donation. These brands however will be in alignment with our identity and goodwill.

Partners will be kept abreast with all our projects and will be the first to know of upcoming projects and events.

To become one of our prestigious partners, do fill the short form below and let us take it from there.

This is an opportunity to get involved with Kingdom Visions and investments, don’t miss out on it.

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