You saw past my smile
You saw my death…
Wrapped in shawls of sin
Clogged. Condemned. Weight like a hunchback
I was doomed…

You saw past my eyes
You saw the darkness that choked me
Tossed and thrown, I was alone
Contending with the demons of my past
Chains. Shackles. Slime. That was me

And then you came
My knight, you saved
You knew me; that I was so incapable
You saw through my façade of false confidence
You saw that I needed you.
You saw that I was gasping for air, falling, failing…and you became my breath
Putting your life in me, breaking your light into my soul
You did it all. You get the credit

You are my symphony. You are my love song
This song I sing of how I am redeemed
And how you broke my chains
How you brought me from the tortuous pit

Now I stand, your bride, sanctified
Empowered by spirit to live this life you gave me freely
I am yours; You are my devotion
Forever, I tell of you. Of how your love changed me.
I stay true to you who stayed with me, I’d always remember
I’d never forget of your grace that is enough.


Ayo Ajayi

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