Following the history making events that have rocked the most popular and populous black nation in the world, the Nigerian youths have come together once more to solidify their stakes in the 2023 general elections by establishing a political party strictly aimed at putting forward young minds to walk the corridors of power and be part of the decisions made which inevitably affect their lives regardless of ethnicity and religion.

They hereby call on all Nigerian youths to join this party, engage in voter education, stay abreast with the evolution of the political landscape of the nation and be agents of change at the grassroots.

Kindly join State groups below.

Ogun State

Delta State

Kwara State

Abuja FCT

Oyo state

Abia State

Lagos State

Rivers State

Anambra State

Enugu State

Osun State

Edo State

Kano State

Kogi State

Akwa Ibom


Ekiti State


National Group

Kaduna State

Imo State

Watch his space for updates on other state groups to join as they come up.

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