The last person the devil wants to deal with is a man or woman in joy. This is not because there is some mystical thing in your joy that kills demons. Demons aren’t necessarily allergic to joy. The devil can’t prevail over a joyful person simply because the main ingredient he needs is absent in the presence of joy.

Fear is a most potent weapon of the devil. In the words of Kilanko Oreofe, “the devil can’t match God power-for-power so to get you off your game, he introduces fear which dowses your faith and renders you prone to his antics. Hence we must resist and rebuke fear with as much aggression as we resist the devil himself.” Oppressing a joyful believer is counter productive and therefore the devil spends little or no time on them.

This quote teaches us to always remain joyful regardless of the situation we find ourselves. It is definitely easier said than done but it is not impossible. And when that level of joy is attained, victory is certainly close.

You’ve been fighting the devil, casting and binding, losing and rebuking but he seems adamant. This time, try rejoicing…it works wonders.

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