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Yes God is our Shepherd and we are not expected to want but the choice to want is ours. There is a principle governing everything in life.

“There is he that scatters and tends to wealth and he that withholds and tends to poverty.”

To assess the inexhaustible wealth of Yahweh, spread your tentacles for giving.

Giving is not restricted to money; give time, give care, give energy, give hope, give respect, give peace, give, give, give.

God gives seed to the sower. Not the man who intends to sow or the man who plans to sow but the man who sows. God doesn’t give you so you can give others, you give in order to make room for his supply.

The lake that will only take in water from the sea and not give out water to streams will soon become stagnant, unclean and without a living organism.
“Give and it shall be given back to you in good measure pressed down shaking together and running over will men give to you.”

So spend more time giving than asking God for stuff. He will gladly give you himself but as for physical things, you will achieve more from giving than asking him.


©Olaoluwa Oni

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