There are some things that God has said are Holy but the devil tries to deceive us that they are not. Holiness does not mean without flaws. It means things set aside for God’s use/purpose.
Marriage is holy, marriage is a convenant not just an ordinary paper therefore it should be set aside and kept holy. God made marriage for opposite sex and not same sex, reason is God needs us to produce Godly seeds which has been deposited in us from creation and this can only be achieved when a man get married to a woman, not a man!!

Every man has to be contented with his wife and treat her like a precious stone so the joy in her heart will make ways for him. (1peter 3:7). Married men that are committing adultery with single ladies are sinning against their body and this is a disrespect to the wife cus both of them are one body and he is taking both bodies out side.

This act reduces the glory of a man and makes him a prey (prov 6:26), applicable to the wife, you are not permitted to look outside simply because your husband cheats on you, because as a married man/woman you bear a “TARGET” on your forehead, therefore every wife is obligated to always pray for their husband against distractions and satanic agenda to terminate God’s plans and blessings for the man/family.

In conclusion, our beautiful sisters who allow themselves to be used as side chicks should refrain from it as it’s detrimental and will cost them trust issues by the time they are married.


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