Another thing God said is holy is YOU.

Holiness doesn’t mean without flaws. It means being separated unto God and no longer for common use. What this means is that you’re not permitted to use the “everybody is doing it” or “it’s normal” because you’re not everybody and your case is different.

1Peter 2:9 You are a royal priesthood. This means you’re a KING and a PRIEST all together (very deep).

1Thes 4:1-8 The seal of holiness is the Holy Spirit.
There are some things you should touch, places you shouldn’t go, clothes you shouldn’t put on if you have the Holy Spirit. To do the contrary is a proof that the Holy Spirit is not in you.

1Cor 6:13-20 The body is not for fornication but for the Lord. Our bodies are members of Christ.

Every sexual act binds the parties together and spiritual deposits are made. Scientifically also, when you have sex, the guy’s DNA is deposited.

Everyone has an aura and energy they give out. Always ensure you give out the right aura. We always and naturally attract people with the same aura as we give out.

Romans 12:1-2 We should always present our body as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is our reasonable service/worship to God.

There is a correlation between fornication and adultery. Every fornicator is an adulterer trainee (in training).

Gal 5 The works of the flesh are manifest – fornication, adultery, etc.

If you desire to be happy in your marriage, as a single person, cut off any sexual immoral act. God wants you to keep your body holy.

Don’t destroy generations because your erection doesn’t have direction.


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