. John 21

This chapter in John tells us of one of the times Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death.

After the denial and death of Christ, Peter went back to his old job which was fishing, some of the disciples with him at that time decided to go with him, they toiled all night but caught nothing. In the morning, Jesus at shore called to them and asked if they caught any fish and they answered “no” unknowing it was him, he told them to try the right hand side of the boat, they did and caught aplenty, when the other disciples saw it was Jesus they told peter and he dove into the water. Dragging the net filled with fishes to shore they found a fire and bread already in place for them to dine, as they were about to dine Jesus asked Peter thrice if he loved him more than these(fishes) and Peter replied that he did, for the third reply he added that Christ knew he did, to all these Jesus replied also “feed my sheep”. Remember this was how the first meeting of Jesus and Peter was and it lead to Jesus saying “follow me and i’d make you fishers of men”, also it’s worthy to note Jesus said on the rock i’d build my church, (peter means rock), so it was Peter’s and the disciples Job to propagate the gospel but he lost this focus albeit for a short period to his old job. Gladly, we know that Peter found his focus again and did that which he was appointed to do.

Losing our focus here is losing that which God has called us to do. Challenges might try to make us lose sight of it and make us go to our old jobs(in this case habits, activities) which yielded nought. Let’s try not to lose our focus and he remember to chip in our quota.


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