What is Meekness?
This is an attribute of a human nature or behaviour.
It is in various ways:
Patient, teachable, righteous, long suffering, humble, willing to follow gospel teachings. All these are also fruits of the spirit. They are attributes of a good disciple.
Mattew 5 says more on this.

As children of God we should have this attributes, as the world sees and can tell if you are really a child of God by your lifestyle.

Luke 6:20_23
Children of God encounter all manner of trials and life challenges this verse above talks about our responds and how it will pay off at the end, when you are being mistreated and lied about, persecuted for Christ sake, none of your sufferings will be of waste.
God will reward accordingly…..
All this you do, do for Christ’s sake.

Be humble
Be patient
Be Gentle
God will reward all who do these for him.
Blessed are the MEEK for they shall inherit the earth.


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