Quotes worthy of note today are,

“The Bible is mankind’s owners manual every instruction in it is for man’s benefit”. “All of our actions or inactions bear consequences or repercussions”. “No one gets away with disobeying GOD”. This brings us to another lie been peddled by the devil in this dispensation – The tithe!

THE TITHE is HOLY contrary to contemporary belief, THE TITHE belongs to GOD and it’s our way to show HONOUR to HIM. Abraham was the first to PAY tithe, check GEN 14:18-20, Hebrew 7: 1-10.

I have come to understand that Paying our tithe is not a gamble, it is SACRED and it stems out of the COVENANT relationship that we have with GOD! It is us saying we are grateful for what HE has provided and gladly with reverence HONOURing HIM for his ROLE in our lives!

It’s wrong to eat everything thing that GOD provides. READ Malachi 3:8-12. OBEYING the principle of TITHING invokes extraordinary blessings in our lives most times beyond cash! … imagine what a devourer can do (sickness, depression, frustration, setbacks, losses etc) , then imagine such been rebuke/utterly shutdown/driven away from ur life! All because you obey GOD and walk/work closely with HIM!

Brethren there is nothing as sweet as OBEYing GOD, and reaping the benefits of such a relationship!

Man can fail but GOD can not fail! HIS WORD is solid! We only need to yield to HIM and see how the lines will fall unto us in pleasant places!

Call to mind that you are in a covenant relationship with an infallible loving GOD!


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