The way the normal GPS shows us direction physically, is the same way God’s word navigates you spiritually.

The beauty of God’s GPS is that it can help you navigate through the issues of life..
As a child of God your blessings are not hidden from you but are hidden for you..
(Psm 32:8) I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go..our advantage as a believer is God guide, instruct, advice and teach us..

You need God to lead you to the things you are praying for
Medium by which God leads us
God leads us by our spirit;
Romans 8:16,
Prov 20:27
Job 32:8
God communicates with us through our spirit and not our mind. The key is keeping our spirit sensitive.

Ways to keep our spirit active:-
1)Praying in the holy spirit(praying in tongues)1cor 14:2
2)Meditating in the word of God (reading the bible and meditating on it) Joshua 1:8


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