This is a the pilot of a series of articles titled “The biggest lie”, as originally delivered by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.

Gen 2:16
God commanded that of every tree in the garden they should eat from except one.
But the biggest lie was Satan coming to say to them that you won’t die you can eat everything n the garden.

Because everything is entrusted to you doesn’t mean they belong to you.

God wants to trust us with little things to know if he can give us more to care for.
He wants to give us his and ours to know how faithful we are with his own.

First principle is the sabbath:( Exo:8_11)
We can work for 6days but….keep one day for me(God) ,give me your time.notting in your household should engage in any activity.

This should also be applied in our daily lives. We are set aside and we are holy, separated for the masters use.

We are holy by not getting contaminated by the things that contaminate the world.
The world knows about God but don’t know God or have a relationship with him.

Spending time with God is as important as your very life.
Having a quiet should be a must to connect with God.
It is in your quiet time you get clarity/directions for your life.
Using time for other endevours which is suppose to be spent with God makes all your effort wasteful.

Man is not designed to be sustained by his efforts or bread alone but by every word thst proceeds from the mouth of God.

Your daily time with God leaves you always with a word. God gives you answers in your quiet time with him.

Yes physical evidents of our everyday situation seems to be real,but it’s not the truth.
The word of God gives you the truth about your situation.

You cannot live by bread or by your physical cash, you’ll be frustrated.

God is the sure way and his Word is real.

Do have a fruitful day.


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