Because He sees and knows your future, he wants to shepherd you; lead you to that future.
In guiding you, God places a vision in your heart, a divine mandate.

The function of the GPS as you know is guidance from where you are to where you want to go using directions. You have to listen to these instructions and follow them. That’s how God wants to direct you (even more) but you have to listen.

Jesus came and we (believers) were given direct access to the holy ghost. You don’t need a middle man, because you are now the prophet of your life, captain of your voyage. And to sail smoothly, you need to let go, and let God. Listen when he speaks to you and obey. If he says sail right, you sail right…

4 things that can hinder us from hearing God.
1. Spiritual laziness.
2. Disappointment and frustration
3. A sinful lifestyle
4. Impatience.

Being sensitive in the spirit, by hearing God, saves you alot of stress.
No matter the revelation you have gotten from God for your life or anything, you still need his guidance to accomplish it.
I pray our steps continue to be divinely ordered by God.

© I.J.

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