With joy, we inform our friends, followers and fans that the second Unscripted session is up and available for streaming on our YouTube channel “The Project Salt TV”.

This sophomore session features music minister Ogaga. Lets meet our guest…

Ogaga, though a young man, has been plagued with the depressing mindset of unworthiness for a good portion of his life.

He knows what it feels like to be called a failure, to be called dumb, to watch peers leave you behind in life, to be considered a disappointment by loved ones, to feel less than everyone else.

His only escape was his music. When everything else failed, his music gave him strength and he learned to use that music in worship; finding peace, joy and rest in Christ.

Today Ogaga is a graduate of Mass Communications and a Sales Executive with one of the biggest companies in Nigeria’s food and beverage market.

His session with us was amazingly revealing with testimonies already coming in. Do join us on our YouTube platform; The Project Salt TV and experience intense worship.

Please do subscribe to our channel for more sessions and share this with the world. We intend to reach as many out there who are going through the valleys of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Click here to join the worship session.

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