The social media has become a place of ambush. People show up there, hiding behind handles, airing their opinions with reckless abandon. The latest antic is antagonising the church and their leaders. People who are not believers take turns bashing Pastors openly while church members who have been offended in some way carry out their own ‘bashery’ from the safety of their anonymity on social media.

However, one thing has been noticed in all these, from conversations with these people, it has been noticed that most of them are not lashing out because they are truly offended. They lash out as a result of frustration. It’s more like a defence mechanism. They do not do this deliberately, it’s a subconscious reaction, a cry for help, a reaction to a lack of understanding. The issues they chide the church over are usually the same issues they have been unable to rap their heads around and since they can’t comprehend these deep truths, they fight the system instead of seeking help.

Well it’s time the church learns this, that people aren’t receiving the truths, mostly because they aren’t being thought well and sometimes because they are being distracted by the spectacular instead of focusing on the supernatural.

Nicodemus was one man who knew there was something about this Jesus but he couldn’t ask for help like the rest of the people because of his religious status so he approached Jesus in the dark of the night to gain understanding.

This is what we have resorted to do these days. Instead of asking for help, we lambaste church leaders online and hope they respond with explanations the comment section. This is unwise. He that asks a question is a fool only for the duration of his ignorance because immediately he receives the answer, his foolishness is no more.

Don’t be afraid of asking about giving or tithing or sowing or sexual immorality or life or romance or science or any other subject. Even if the person will judge you while answering you or even speak condescendingly to you, put on your tough skin and receive understanding. After all, who says their opinion counts?

Please refrain from attacking the faith in public, it has no benefit to you, the person you are speaking to and the faith you are attacking. Notice that no church, whether good or bad, has been shutdown as a result of bad-mouthing. Bad publicity is still publicity and with that they can still thrive.

Please focus of Jesus, he’s all that matters.

Hope this piece has been helpful. Please comment and suggest popular quotes you wish to be broken down. Feel free to share with the world and watch this space for more quote breakdowns.

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