The Fellowship Of Gospel Music Ministers Of Nigeria, FOGMMON as a body of music ministers in Nigeria has realized over time that politicians, political groups and campaign organizations have made it their stock in trade to convert songs originally written to praise the almighty God to extol and glorify men in political campaign.
This is highly condemnable, utterly execrable and inexplicably detestable.

We hereby use this medium to Appeal to all our members and by extension every musician in Nigerian to desist from this sacrilegious practice of desecrating the sanctity of our divinely inspired choruses for political campaigns ..we consider this an affront to our convictions and spiritual practices.

However, we state in clear terms our recognition of the constitutional right of everyone to freedom of expression but we will also not ignore the sensibilities of our Christians brotherhood in exhibiting our freedom.
More so, we encourage all our members and musicians who have political convictions and campaign assignments to explore their God given talents and compose bespoken songs for political purposes..
Just as we will continue to enjoin our members to go ahead and join the political process , but do this in utmost reverence to our devotion and loyalty to the God of heaven.

Kindly reach us @fogmmon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you have any rejoinder.



Asu Ekiye

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