We have come to a season in time where the blame game is being prioritised over solutions. People are now more interested in finding who to blame for every issue than finding solutions to these issues.

The husband blames the wife for their failed marriage, the wife blames her husband’s secretary for seducing her cheating husband, the rapist blames girls who put on revealing cloths, the people blame the government for bad leadership, the government blames the economy for poor indices, the bank blames the network for poor internet banking services, the kids blame their parents for their bad decisions….we could go on.

And then the blame game extends to God. We blame God for all the evil in the world. And as if that’s not enough, we blame Him when we don’t get what we pray for. We insist we had faith in Him, we insist we trusted Him and we believe we did all the necessary things to appease Him into giving us what we asked for. So when we don’t get what we asked and believed for, we blame God.

Mankind really needs to understand were we stand with God. Most of us have no idea how much prestige God places on us. In the Arab world, when an entourage makes a procession into a place or out of a place, the last person in that procession is always the boss, the leader, the decision maker. He or she may not be the spokes person of the entourage but no decision is made on any matter without the leader’s consent; this was the same with the creation process.

Notice that in Genesis 1, God introduced the boss on the last day before He rested, after He had set up every other thing. Man was created to lead, and manage the earth and it’s systems. To be emphatic, the reason God could rest was because He had put a boss in place who was mandated, empowered and capable of managing the affairs of the earth. After this, God brought all the other creations to man and asked him to name them so he could also partake in the creation process. And based on the hierarchy in the spirit, after God is man, then angels before the devil and his demons. So firstly, we must understand that we are in charge of things down here. Our words and mindset should reflect the authority we have. It is on this knowledge that we make God’s word work in our lives. God will not do that for us. He made the earth for us so the job of implementation and enforcement of his declaration falls to us.

In the last post, we came to the conclusion that our faith is not just our trust in God but out absolute conviction in the word of God concerning any situation. That being said, it takes two things to get results in life; God’s word and our faith. So if the results don’t come, the question becomes, “which of these two failed… God’s word or my faith?”. But trust me, is never God’s word.

Romans 10:10 makes it clear that by believing, we are righteous and by confessing, we are saved. this means that when we are convinced in the truth of God’s word we are right with God and when we confess our conviction, we obtain victory. So true and perfect faith flows from the heart to the mouth. But we must also admit that your conviction may change and your confession may also change but God’s word has never been known to change. All through scripture, we see that God’s word always came true when the faith of men were aligned with it. We also notice that even Jesus couldn’t do much when the faith of men were not matching up to the word of God.

We have mastered the practice of sitting on our hands and doing nothing simply because the word of God concerning a matter has been spoken, but that’s not how it works. We must learn to believe and confess constantly an consistently, whether it looks feasible or not, whether we see positive or negative signs…our conversation and our confession must march the word of God else, we won’t get the desired results. God has spoken, it is now left to us to bring his words into fruition. He will not do this for us. This earth was given to us and the power to manifest God’s word in the physical has been given to us so we must get to work with our faith otherwise, God is helpless in making his word work in our lives.

When we insist on the truth that God’s word isn’t to blame for the failures, we will learn to build our faith. God and His word have prevailed through time, eras, civilisations, kingdoms, empires, up till today so, be rest assured that His word never changes or fails. It is you and your faith that requires an upgrade to get results.

I hope this truth has helped you, do share with your friends and family if it has. Feel free to read through other Quote Breakdown posts on our blog and share your comments, testimonies, questions and suggestions.

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