After an impressive stint at the Project Fame years back, Mirabel has kept her fans and followers satisfied with her singles “Beautiful”, “Treat you better”, her performances on stage and her clips on Instagram. Well this time she takes it to another level by dropping an Extended Play titled “23”.

This album defies every market-friendly music trend in the industry as it focuses more on the beauty of her sound. She proves herself as an Alternative Music artiste.

As a founding member of The Project Salt, Mirabel is known for her virtues of avoiding short cuts and sticking to her strength, putting the work in and loving her music. So it’s no surprise that she has decided to establish her unique sound regardless of whether it aligns with the local music stereotypes.

Mirabel who has always been referred to as the next Asa is beginning to prove to her fans that she has more to offer than just what they expect from her.

Her album is currently available on popular online music stores so do get it, enjoy and share.

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