In an effort to pursue our mandate to the fullest, we have chosen to help other people and organisations around the world solve their content and strategy problems. We have helped our individual and corporate clients to produce beautiful wholesome content ranging from entertainment to business and even trainings. We have consulted on multiple projects from the planning phases to the execution phases. We have also provided advisory services to and spearheaded strategy sessions for domestic and international clients unable to include us physically in their processes.

Here are a number of clients we have worked with, both at individual levels and corporate levels.

Bethel Tabernacle
Client from University of Toronto
Praise Tabernacle
Of Pen and Letters Publishers
Clients from University of Sussex
Pearlamon Studio
Worship The King Concert
Heirs of the Kingdom Church
Client from University Collage of Estate Management
Rev. Melody Emmanson
Client from Queen Mary University of London
Mustard Breed Studios
Client from the University of Soffolk
Clients from the
National Open University of Nigeria