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Unscripted’s Pilot Session is Now On The Project Salt TV

It is with Great joy that Unscripted, the spontaneous worship session we have been anticipating is now available for streaming on our YouTube channel “The Project Salt TV”.

We were unable to deliver on the set date due to negative externalities beyond our control; for this we are sorry. Thankfully, the pilot session featuring Jedidiah Olawale is now up and ready to bless you.

Lets meet our guest…

He is a professional Social Worker, itinerant Music Minister and Leader of The Word Group.
He’s ministry and profession are both tailored to cater to people in need of Jesus. As a social worker, he has handled cases such as addiction, abuse and has even had a personal battle with depression.
As an artiste, he makes Jesus the central theme of his music, using his voice to bless lives with songs.
As a teacher, he is sold out to the mandate of unveiling Jesus and his unconditional love to as many who do not truly know him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jedidiah Olawale.

Please do subscribe to our channel and share this to the world. We intend to reach as many out there who are going through the valleys of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Join us now as we engage in spontaneous outburst of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs here.

Unscripted is Set to go Viral

If you have been watching the countdown below, you must have secretly been anticipating this strange event tagged “Unscripted”.

We have taken out time working on this project to ensure excellent delivery, even to the point of postponing the release date. So now that we are quite certain of majority of the unknowns, we would love to introduce to you our latest conception, to be birthed very soon; the UNSCRIPTED Sessions with bigDan McDon.

Unscripted is a music-talk show tailored into a web series. It consists of different episodes, featuring different musicians and artistes in unplanned and unstructured music ambiance where they engage in spontaneous renditions of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that have blessed their lives over the years especially in their times of struggles, challenges, prayers and victories.

This vision is driven by a need to confront the rise in depression and suicidal tendencies in the world today. Studies show that in every 100mins, a young person is committing suicide and that depression is now taking more lives than cancer. We can either keep talking about the issue or find away to help each other out of it. The team decided to get involved, using the tools best known and available to us; music, to heal lives across the world.

Unscripted is not just be a spontaneous music session. It features interviews with guest artistes who have walked the path of depression, anxiety and even attempted suicide. We have noticed that people go through issues in life thinking they’ve got the weirdest and most unique problems and that loneliness makes them feel alienated and suicidal. So in each episode we do not only go into spiritual music for our souls, we also discuss challenges we faced and how we overcame them in the place of prayer and worship.

This show will be broadcasted on the YouTube platform beginning from the 2nd of February 2019. Our channel on the platform is The Project Salt TV so please do well not just to join in but to share with friends and then subscribe so you can get notified when each episode drops. We will also take suggestions of artistes you would love us to feature on the show and areas you would love us to talk about. You can even share your stories with us so we can share them with the world and help heal someone out there. Just send us a mail via or connect with us on social media @theprojectsalt .

The pervading effect of this show is amazing as God is set to use it to heal hearts and minds across the globe. Do be part of it and spread the news. The love and light of God is spreading into the hidden and dark places, bringing hope and healing to the hurting world.

SAS Goes Live!

Sagie’s Acoustic Sessions is set to go live on the 30th of November 2018. The music show which started as a studio recording of beautiful mashups of popular songs is in gear to be the live show to bring in the holidays.

Holding at the Genesis Cinema of Maryland Mall, Sagie and the King’s Men will be dishing out live music alongside invited artistes like Johnny Drill and ID Cabassa. There will also be comic performances by the likes of Frank Donga and Kenny Black. According to Sagie, it is a complete package of music, movies, comedy and a whole lot of fun.

News reaching us state that the event is almost sold out. Hopefully, there are still some sits left so feel free to order your tickets on this platform by sending us a mail via

Don’t be told how much fun you missed, be there.


The Fellowship Of Gospel Music Ministers Of Nigeria, FOGMMON as a body of music ministers in Nigeria has realized over time that politicians, political groups and campaign organizations have made it their stock in trade to convert songs originally written to praise the almighty God to extol and glorify men in political campaign.
This is highly condemnable, utterly execrable and inexplicably detestable.

We hereby use this medium to Appeal to all our members and by extension every musician in Nigerian to desist from this sacrilegious practice of desecrating the sanctity of our divinely inspired choruses for political campaigns ..we consider this an affront to our convictions and spiritual practices.

However, we state in clear terms our recognition of the constitutional right of everyone to freedom of expression but we will also not ignore the sensibilities of our Christians brotherhood in exhibiting our freedom.
More so, we encourage all our members and musicians who have political convictions and campaign assignments to explore their God given talents and compose bespoken songs for political purposes..
Just as we will continue to enjoin our members to go ahead and join the political process , but do this in utmost reverence to our devotion and loyalty to the God of heaven.

Kindly reach us @fogmmon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you have any rejoinder.



Asu Ekiye

Fast Rising Urban Alternative Singer drops her debut E.P.

After an impressive stint at the Project Fame years back, Mirabel has kept her fans and followers satisfied with her singles “Beautiful”, “Treat you better”, her performances on stage and her clips on Instagram. Well this time she takes it to another level by dropping an Extended Play titled “23”.

This album defies every market-friendly music trend in the industry as it focuses more on the beauty of her sound. She proves herself as an Alternative Music artiste.

As a founding member of The Project Salt, Mirabel is known for her virtues of avoiding short cuts and sticking to her strength, putting the work in and loving her music. So it’s no surprise that she has decided to establish her unique sound regardless of whether it aligns with the local music stereotypes.

Mirabel who has always been referred to as the next Asa is beginning to prove to her fans that she has more to offer than just what they expect from her.

Her album is currently available on popular online music stores so do get it, enjoy and share.

“Find Me a Worshiper” Holds on the 21st of September 2018.

Incase you have not heard yet, this is the latest news in town.

The city of Lagos, especially the town of Ojo is set to encounter a worship experience like never before. A worship concert is scheduled to hold in Ipaye, Ojo LGA on the 21st of this month and it has been tagged by the visionary Jackson Uwaifo as “Find Me a Worshiper (FMaW).

Mr Jackson made his vision clear before the announcement of this epoch concert that it will not only be a time for encountering Jesus through deep worship but it will also be a launchpad for pushing God’s people to higher levels of walk with God. The experience will build capacity within God’s children for more intimacy with their Father.

The event is to commence by 2200 WAT prompt and will feature renowned music ministers including Mouthpiece, Jedi Olawale, bigDan McDon leading us in back-to-back worship sessions to open heavens and open our hearts to receive more revelations of Jesus which will definitely lead to outbreaks of miracles and testimonies.

Worshipers are advised to be there on time as there are limited seats available, more so that no one misses out on any session. Worshipers are also requested to come expectant as the move of God is dependent on their expectations.

This event is proudly supported by the Chosen Vessels Ministers Int’l and yours truly. Therefore we will be there live, so do plan to attend and you expectations will not be cut short.

Still Trending, Still Streaming.

We don’t want to assume that everyone, including you has gotten the FurstFruit Collection. So we will ask you again; go get this beautiful body of musical pieces, it will bless you immensely.

The album which features renowned artistes, having 12 songs, is available on major online music stores, accessible worldwide.

Click on any of the links below, get the album and share with friends…. don’t forget to share your testimonies with us via


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