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Unscripted is Set to go Viral

If you have been watching the countdown below, you must have secretly been anticipating this strange event tagged “Unscripted”.

We have taken out time working on this project to ensure excellent delivery, even to the point of postponing the release date. So now that we are quite certain of majority of the unknowns, we would love to introduce to you our latest conception, to be birthed very soon; the UNSCRIPTED Sessions with bigDan McDon.

Unscripted is a music-talk show tailored into a web series. It consists of different episodes, featuring different musicians and artistes in unplanned and unstructured music ambiance where they engage in spontaneous renditions of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that have blessed their lives over the years especially in their times of struggles, challenges, prayers and victories.

This vision is driven by a need to confront the rise in depression and suicidal tendencies in the world today. Studies show that in every 100mins, a young person is committing suicide and that depression is now taking more lives than cancer. We can either keep talking about the issue or find away to help each other out of it. The team decided to get involved, using the tools best known and available to us; music, to heal lives across the world.

Unscripted is not just be a spontaneous music session. It features interviews with guest artistes who have walked the path of depression, anxiety and even attempted suicide. We have noticed that people go through issues in life thinking they’ve got the weirdest and most unique problems and that loneliness makes them feel alienated and suicidal. So in each episode we do not only go into spiritual music for our souls, we also discuss challenges we faced and how we overcame them in the place of prayer and worship.

This show will be broadcasted on the YouTube platform beginning from the 2nd of February 2019. Our channel on the platform is The Project Salt TV so please do well not just to join in but to share with friends and then subscribe so you can get notified when each episode drops. We will also take suggestions of artistes you would love us to feature on the show and areas you would love us to talk about. You can even share your stories with us so we can share them with the world and help heal someone out there. Just send us a mail via or connect with us on social media @theprojectsalt .

The pervading effect of this show is amazing as God is set to use it to heal hearts and minds across the globe. Do be part of it and spread the news. The love and light of God is spreading into the hidden and dark places, bringing hope and healing to the hurting world.

Benefits Accrued To Our Partners

Our esteemed partners will be entitled to premium reception at our events; gaining access to our gated events for free, obtaining wears and other accessories for free and getting VIP seating at our events.

Partners will also enjoy exposure of their selected brands on our broadcasted and publicised events to a certain degree of donation. These brands however will be in alignment with our identity and goodwill.

Partners will be kept abreast with all our projects and will be the first to know of upcoming projects and events.

To become one of our prestigious partners, do send us a mail via stating your request and the requirements will be made available to you.

This is an opportunity to get involved with Kingdom Visions and investments, don’t miss out on it.

She’s a Son

Back in the days, while I was still an undergraduate, I worked for my father during the Holidays. He was a lawyer so I had to do a lot of PA work so it got to a point where I had to represent him at different functions since I was basically his only staff member. I don’t know if I should even be called staff, after all he wasn’t paying me shingbai.
I don’t know if it was my size or my face or my knowledge of his work but wherever I went to represent him, people always thought I was a lawyer and a big decision maker in my fathers “big” chambers so they accorded me serious respect and honour. In fact, whenever I insisted on any matter, they would go behind me, call my father and ask him to beg me to reconsider. Now,this is not a charge and bail something. I’m talking big companies, royalties and powerful people cos my father was into land law, contracts and agreements and other civil cases so I was getting respect from people I would normally prostrate for.
All the story is just to paint a picture of what sonship is ’cause thats what my assignment is today *Sonship in the Kingdom*.

I will not spend time discussing the fundamental aspects of sonship and kingdom, quoting all the scriptures where son of God appears so as not to make this write up too long. I will go straight to the misconceptions we Christians have on the concept of sonship.
The first is, “not every child of God is a son of God”. I used to think that immediately you accept Christ, you are a son of God but I stumbled on Gal 4:1-7 and I began to understand that I was yet a child of God, joint heir with Christ, heaven bound, but not yet a son.
African traditions align with this concept of sonship where the first available son bears the seal of his father and wherever he is, it is considered that the father is and whatever he says is considered the words of his father. The Kingdom of God however, conforms to this practice too though not gender specific i.e. even females can attain sonship.
Like the African traditions, not everybody in the family of Christ is a son even though everybody can be. *Being a child is a gift, being a son takes growth…deliberate growth*. We must strive to move from being a child to being a son. This leads us to he second issue…

Attaining Sonship is a decision.
This is because it is not an easy process. Being a child of God is a comfortable zone but being a son is a prestigious position attained over time, fellowship with the spirit, experiential knowledge of God and willingness to follow God blindly. Citing Rev Peter Brights sermon on “The Lord is My Shepherd “The Lord is My Shepherd”, that’s exactly how sons are made.

Let me rap this up by bringing the ultimate son, the first begotten, into the picture.
Jesus is God. He was God right from birth but he too had to attain sonship. This is because sonship as I earlier said is not gender oriented. So even though he was a male version of the word of God made flesh, he was yet to attain sonship till his baptism at Jordan.
Even Jesus had to put in the work. He spent about 3 days after the passover celebration researching the scriptures while his parents where on their way home. I wonder how a 12 year old boy intended to travel back home alone.
For about 30 years Jesus lived right with God under his parents and when he had grown in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and men (Luke 2:52), he presented himself to be baptized after which he went into fasting to commence his ministry.
Notice that the two times God acknowledged the sonship of Jesus were the two times he made the most significant decisions as regards his relationship with his father (Luke 3:21-22 and Matt 17:1-9). The first time was when he accepted his mandate to represent his father on earth. The second time was when he was conferred with the old covenant so he could terminate it and bring in the new. So if Jesus had to strive for sonship, why should we be comfortable as children feeding on milk.

The question then is, “When do I know i have attained sonship?”. The truth is you may not hear a voice like Jesus did but there are certain thresholds you will cross that will indicate sonship. For me, the ultimate evidence is when you yield your life to God totally. It’s not a cliché, it’s not the sunday-sunday “I give myself away” process some Christians go through. it is the total yielding of your life to the service of the Kingdom. The jobs you take, the friends you keep, the person you marry, the words you speak, the life you live must radiate your alignment with the Kingdom. When you consider these things, it may make that decision though but trust me, its definitely worth it. Because as a son, you carry the authority of your father and in the words of Dunsin Oyekan “The word of God is as powerful in your mouth as it is powerful in God’s mouth”.

May we strive for sonship in God’s Kingdom henceforth in Jesus name.

© bigDan McDon

Leave Pastors Alone!

For every 12 good men, there’s a Judas and for every 10 bad men, there’s a Reuben. Simply put, there’s always a guy with an ulterior motive amongst good guys and there’s always the guy with good intentions amongst the bad guys. For this breakdown, we will stick to the former as it is the best description of the state of Christianity today, especially in Africa.

It is undeniable that there are a lot of false teachers and preachers today. It is undeniable that some people who call themselves Pastors are just manipulative illusionists or straight up witch doctors in suits. However, it is also undeniable that most Pastors are actual Pastors called and sent by God to do what they do. Unfortunately we are at a time when the good guys are being gathered up with the bad and put under intense destructive criticism.

So the question now is, who is the good, who is the bad and how much criticism is good for them? Well there are scriptural indices we can use to distinguish between the right and the wrong but that’s not what this breakdown is about. This piece has a single purpose; to get us all to refrain from antagonising Pastors.

Any and every body who calls himself a Pastor is off limits. Leave hem alone. Let them be. Attacking them on any grounds is not your place. They hold a sacred position in the body of Christ and are directly responsible to God their boss. We can’t even attempt to discuss how much reference and honour we need to show Pastors in this piece; two things that are really deficient in the body of Christ today. The least we can do is to encourage you to refrain from criticising them.

Even if the Pastors are known illusionists and diabolic manipulators, you have no business calling them out. We are told in scriptures to stay away from them not to make it our mission to expose them. Keep your focus on Jesus, he’s all that matters.

If you genuinely feel that a friend or family member is being misinformed and manipulated by a false Pastor or a church, then the best way to help that person come to the knowledge of that description isn’t by speaking bad about the Pastor or the church. The best way is to help that person find Jesus for himself or herself. Bring them close to Jesus, teach them any time you can, show then scriptures to help them realise their errors not to counter their Pastor’s teachings. Just focus on Jesus and the light of God’s word will open his eyes.

Hope this breakdown has been helpful. Feel free to suggest any quote that need explanations. You can also read previous quote breakdowns and share with friends and family.

21st Century Nicodemus

The social media has become a place of ambush. People show up there, hiding behind handles, airing their opinions with reckless abandon. The latest antic is antagonising the church and their leaders. People who are not believers take turns bashing Pastors openly while church members who have been offended in some way carry out their own ‘bashery’ from the safety of their anonymity on social media.

However, one thing has been noticed in all these, from conversations with these people, it has been noticed that most of them are not lashing out because they are truly offended. They lash out as a result of frustration. It’s more like a defence mechanism. They do not do this deliberately, it’s a subconscious reaction, a cry for help, a reaction to a lack of understanding. The issues they chide the church over are usually the same issues they have been unable to rap their heads around and since they can’t comprehend these deep truths, they fight the system instead of seeking help.

Well it’s time the church learns this, that people aren’t receiving the truths, mostly because they aren’t being thought well and sometimes because they are being distracted by the spectacular instead of focusing on the supernatural.

Nicodemus was one man who knew there was something about this Jesus but he couldn’t ask for help like the rest of the people because of his religious status so he approached Jesus in the dark of the night to gain understanding.

This is what we have resorted to do these days. Instead of asking for help, we lambaste church leaders online and hope they respond with explanations the comment section. This is unwise. He that asks a question is a fool only for the duration of his ignorance because immediately he receives the answer, his foolishness is no more.

Don’t be afraid of asking about giving or tithing or sowing or sexual immorality or life or romance or science or any other subject. Even if the person will judge you while answering you or even speak condescendingly to you, put on your tough skin and receive understanding. After all, who says their opinion counts?

Please refrain from attacking the faith in public, it has no benefit to you, the person you are speaking to and the faith you are attacking. Notice that no church, whether good or bad, has been shutdown as a result of bad-mouthing. Bad publicity is still publicity and with that they can still thrive.

Please focus of Jesus, he’s all that matters.

Hope this piece has been helpful. Please comment and suggest popular quotes you wish to be broken down. Feel free to share with the world and watch this space for more quote breakdowns.

QB: No More Hustle

“The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it”. This statement is from the Bible; Prov 10:22 and from whatever translation it’s read from, it says the same thing “God’s blessing requires no hustle on your part”.

The average person in a human society is not only evaluated by his or her results, the work behind the results are also evaluated by members of the society. So the average man not only takes pride in his achievements, he also takes pride in the work even before the achievements show up. The average woman shows off her hard work even just as much as she shows off her successes. This automatically pushes people to work hard and push themselves and grind until results show, avoiding any strategy or process that will make people think they didn’t work for their achievements.

This is why you will always hear statements like “she’s hard working” and not “she’s smart working”. We never want to lose the chance of saying “I worked for everything I’ve got”. The pride that comes from making it big by your hustle is immense for the average person. It is the quest for this same pride and ‘dignity’ that has robbed people of their relationships with family and friends, led to divorce, kept them unmarried and unhappy, made them antisocial, made them lonely while within social circles, turned them to brash, harsh, irritable, unkind people, and in many cases led to suicides and suicidal tendencies.

Why go through all that hustle and labour only to get to the top and be alone and angry with the rest of life, when the blessing of God relieves you of unnecessary hustle? Why strive to be a self made man when, in truth, there’s nothing like a self made man? Why struggle to get to the top of the mountain only to realise that the rest of your life deficient?

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