This is sequel to an earlier publication which covered certain misconceptions that engender strife and malice among Christian musicians. The feedbacks I have gotten so far from people who have read the first part of this article have been somewhat shocking. Before putting pen to paper I considered the backlash I would get for challenging the status quo within the Christian music community but surprisingly, all I have been getting on my social media platforms are gratitude, thumbs up and encouragements. I have also come to understand that these issues are not confined to the Nigerian gospel music scene. Most of my feedbacks came from music stakeholders based beyond the shores of Africa. The misconceptions discussed earlier include Performance, Artistry, Special Effects, Appearance/Presentation and Entertainment so if you haven’t read it yet, please do. This second part will deal with some other misconceptions existing within Christian music circles.
The purpose of this write-up should never be forgotten or overlooked else we will just spend valuable time, condemning each other on various grounds. This article is engineered to clear the air on common misguided attempts to brandish holiness among musicians thereby stigmatizing certain others. The truth is, whether a Christian musician is actually manifesting traits of an unbeliever or not, it is our duty not to condemn but to uphold in love. The pride and contempt going on in Christian music circles will stifle our work for the kingdom individually and collectively. In an attempt to objectively iron things out, I have put this piece together.

That been said, here are some more areas of misconceptions that exist among us.

Of recent I found out that the word ‘show’ (as in, attending a show) is considered offensive to some Christian artistes. I mean some people actually take offense when you refer to their events or any Christian gathering  as ‘shows’ or ‘gigs’. I was in a discussion with a number of Christian musicians when the matter came up and it got so fierce that people’s holiness and spirituality were being questioned right there. Please help me oh; who is that person that said that shows are for unbelievers and should not be attended or organised by Christians? Why do we feel the need to categories a neutral amoral word as ungodly simply because we want to portray the form of godliness, why?!

Is the TD Jakes show ungodly? Is the Donnie McCluckin Radio show unrighteous? Are the hosts of these shows sinners? Have you at any time seen them commit sin in any of these shows? May God help us oh. This holiness we are trying to attain by our own strength is the sin that keeps us from actually being holy. Now a keyboardist tells his church MD that he is going for a show and oga MD assumes he is going to a club. 

I will simply end this section in the words of my Pastor “all na show, the question is who you are showing off?” You organise a concert in your church tagging it ‘a time of pure worship’ and invite your church members to come and hear you run scales, scream, sweat and sub while another fellow organises a concert tagging it ‘Jesus on the streets’ where he takes the gospel of Jesus to the hood with controversial genres like gospel hip hop and rock as dreadlocked artistes shout ‘Jesus’ at the top of their voices all day so the world will know who their saviour is; then you have the guts to condemn his event simply because he calls it a show?! My brother, all na show oh, the question is who you are showing off.

Ministry and Ministration

Now to the matter of ministry; ministry is basically service to man for God. For a man to claim to be a minister, he must be in some sort of service. This is the same with musicians; a music minister is in service of God to man. Once he moves from service, he is no more ministering. This definition makes me wonder why every Christian musician wants to be referred to as a minister carrying out ministrations especially when their music career is all about them. All your songs are about you and what God did for you and what you want God to do for you and maybe what you want to do for God …basically you, you, you. I don’t call that ministry; I can hardly even call that gospel music (we will get to the issue of gospel music later). The fact that people fall and roll while you sing, doesn’t make it a ministration. The fact that people scream and cry while you are on stage, doesn’t make it a ministration. You should always look for tangible evidences of service before you consider what you do as ministration. A musician who carries out ministrations is the one who strictly follows divine instruction in service to God. Until God uses you to set captives free, bring the message of salvation, heal the sick, etc, you are yet to find service in the kingdom and you are therefore yet to call what you do ministration. Ministration is beyond putting on a suit and a tie and commanding the congregation to lift up their hands to the heavens and weep; ministrations are based on instructions and followed by evidences (testimonies) even if you are the only one aware of those evidences.
Worship Minister;

This section will be brief because there is nothing like a worship minister. Yes, there isn’t. Well to the best of my knowledge, the scriptures have not classified worship as a special ministry just as it has not classified intercession as a ministry. Everybody is expected to worship in spirit and in truth because the “Father seeketh such…” Moreover, worship is beyond songs and music so stop going around calling yourself ‘Daniel the Worshipper’ as if you are one of the few people licensed to worship or you have a special gift of worship. I used to make that mistake when I started my journey in music but now I know better. I have even stopped referring to myself as a worship leader when I found out that the actual worship leader of the church is the Pastor in charge of the Church.  If ministry is service to man then worship is not a ministry as it is a service to God. You can say you are ministering to God in worship but that’s what every believer does, so please do not single yourself out as a worship minister, every believer worships like you, it is not a title.

Gospel Music;

It will shock you that most of the songs we sing in church are not gospel songs. Yes I said it!!! They aren’t. Now don’t get me wrong oh. They are good songs about God and how great and awesome he is and has been but they are not necessarily gospel songs. This is the same for most ‘gospel’ songs out there today. To make my point crystal clear, let me define the gospel in simple terms.

The Gospel (translated as good news) refers to the love of God for mankind that made him give up Jesus to be born, suffer, die and resurrect for our salvation and freedom. It also refers to the hope of His second coming. If this is the gospel then any music on any concept outside of this is not gospel music. This will disappoint a lot of ‘gospel’ artistes, I know, but it is a bitter truth. I for one have stopped referring to myself essentially as a gospel artiste because not all the songs I have written are actually based on the gospel. Recently, a facebook friend of mine told me he was anticipating my upcoming album with the project salt and that he was expectant of ‘Christ centred songs’. I laughed to myself because I knew exactly what he was talking about.

With this spreading ‘New Testament Grace’ Revival going on in Nigeria, the last thing you want is to be left out of God’s work geared towards revealing Jesus to the world. Find your place in this gospel of the kingdom and preach it to every nation for a witness before the end comes.
Mainstream and Secular Music;

I am currently working on an article titled ‘this Music of the Kingdom’ where I am dealing with the gospel and how we musicians are expected to position ourselves to take it to the ends of the earth. The church does not need the gospel so if you are writing songs only for the church to sing and hail your lyrical and syncopational ability, im sorry but you are yet to find relevance in the great commission.

Recently, a popular musician made a daring move from gospel music to mainstream music, a move which shook the gospel music scene for a while. Some people prayed that God would arrest him and bring him back into the fold while others simply said “don’t mind him; he is just chasing money instead of singing for God”.  Thankfully some of us are still praying that God will continue using this young man even in this new field and never let him cross the line he is walking so close to. Dear celebrity musician, if you fall tomorrow or pretend to fall or act like you want to fall or just bend even without falling, your wonderful fans will leave you as fast as they came and they won’t stop there, they will condemn you like they never knew you. Ask uncle Kirk how it has been for him since he started taking pictures with Kanye. This music of the kingdom is not about your fan base but about the great commission.

By definition, Mainstream music is not the same as secular music. It is simply the detachment of music from a subculture in order to have such music disseminated by mass media thereby yielding a pervading effect. Secular on the other hand, simply means without God; when you say an event is secular, you mean the event does not regard issues of divine nature. Mainstream music simply refers to music accessible and accepted by all. Mainstream music does not necessarily need to be secular; it can be based on the gospel and also be made accessible to the unbeliever. Mainstream music is not necessarily without God, in fact, it can be based on God but played or sung anywhere and by anybody.

Now, don’t get it twisted; those people that write songs with the intention of playing them in clubs because they want to ‘preach the gospel in the club’ are on their own oh. When you compose a club banger with the excuse of preaching to the clubber without realising that your song is probably taking more people back to the club they were running from than taking people out, your gospel music is counterproductive.

Mainstream songs written and performed by Christians don’t encourage evil; they don’t even need to bring Jesus to the unbeliever in the club. They ultimately bring the sinner to Jesus. We live in a world where the name Jesus is in fear of extinction, radio stations are sanctioned when they have more than 9% religious content and people are compelled to only say God and not Jesus in order to be politically correct. It is for this reason gospel musicians go into mainstream music. We just have to find a way to get this gospel of Jesus to people, especially the people who fight against it. Let nobody look down on anybody who goes into mainstream music as an unserious Christian musician. If God has called you to be where you are, stay there and function but keep yourself from antagonising musicians who dare to go the extra mile for the gospel.
In Conclusion; even though this article unlike others I have written, is a risk on my reputation among ‘holy’ musicians, publishing it is important to me because understanding these concepts and expressions will help artistes attain excellence and ensure that some musicians are not considered holier than others simply because these others pursue excellence in their art. I am also using this article to enjoin us to leave our personal ambitions and focus on the Kingdom mandate which is the gospel to all the nations. I pray that we accomplish that which God has put before us with our music.

Greetings from the PROJECT SALT, God bless the preaching and teaching of his word through music in every corner of the globe, Amen! 
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I was told a story recently of an internationally celebrated Christian musician whose name I will withhold. I was told that he turned down an invitation to minister at an event organised by an internationally known church for a very unique reason. I have never heard of such a reason given before in the little time I have spent in music. In fact I was initially proud of the reason considering it as bold and daring but looking into the whole matter critically, I began to find issues with it.  Now, I have only heard from one of the parties on the matter but considering the other party, I am confident that there is a high probability that this story is a fact. From what I was told, the artiste said that if there was going to be a red carpet at the event then he wouldn’t come because it was obviously going to be a jamboree.

The reason given by this artiste was considered harsh and uncalled for by the church folks; personally I would have felt insulted. Unfortunately, that’s how many Christian musicians feel after making contact with some other Christian musicians. I have seen a trend in the body of Christ where Christian musicians look down on each other, one classifying the other as unrighteous, unholy and unserious simply because they all have different orientations on certain words, expressions and mannerisms. It is this disdain among us that I intend to deal with in this piece.

The 21st century church has succeeded in interpreting certain words and expressions wrongly thereby making these words sound evil and unholy and consequently making those who use and practice these expressions look ungodly and unrighteous. With this article, I intend to zero in on the misinterpretations that occur in music circles, especially Christian music circles. Another purpose for this write-up is to deal with this strife among Christian musicians (church musicians and Christian itinerary musicians). After discussing these expressions it will become apparent that our attempt at portraying holiness is simply replacing spirituality with religion, having the form of godliness rather than actually being the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; a fit that cannot be attained by human effort.

Overtime I have heard musicians condemn the use of this word. I have in fact condemned the art of performance in the days when I had limited knowledge in the field of music. Today, the church describes performance as singing, dancing or acting a God based piece without the semblance of spirituality in the performer’s expression or demeanour. It is due to this definition that praise/worship leaders say things like “let us be in the mood of worship” and some say prayers like, “….oh Lord don’t let us perform, let us minister and touch lives”. I remember myself making prayer points like this but looking back, I find it so hilarious. We will discuss the concept of ministry and ministration later but let me make it clear at this point that performance is simply the art of doing that same thing you did during your rehearsal but this time on a stage, in from of people and with minimal mistakes.

In a sincere but misguided bid to sound holy and yielded, musicians have painted performance as evil and without God. Let me shock you by saying that preaching a sermon and even the working of miracles are referred to as performances. Yes, miracles can be rehearsed; Ex 4:2 records Moses and the Almighty God rehearsed a miracle in preparation of a performance before Pharaoh. People of God, performance is neither a bad act nor a bad word. Do not consider people who use the word ‘perform’ as carnal simply because other carnal people have damaged the art. The fact that I try to deliver excellently on stage doesn’t mean I am doing it without the help of God.

Some time back, in 2014 I was chatting with a fellow musician and we began to talk about his career as a drummer. He told me he had to leave his former church where he functioned as a drummer because of their music. I told him I wasn’t happy with him because I don’t believe people should base their choice of church on music. As we talked however, I found out that his reason was solid. He functioned in the choir as the drummer but he wasn’t growing as a drummer. In fact the choir was dragging him down. They refused to rehears properly simply because they believed that all they had to do was learn the song and let God handle the rest on Sunday. Their choice of song was not based on lyrics or divine instruction but was based on simplicity. They didn’t want to stress themselves by learning how to modulate or swap parts. They just wanted simple crowd moving songs that they could sing with ease and have the congregation join them in tears or dancing.

It is sad that so called musicians today are too lazy to work out their music. Music is born out of creativity and creating something worthwhile is never easy. Artistry has been thrown away in some churches today, that’s why you often hear stuff like “please don’t mind my voice, just listen to the lyrics”, or “it’s not about the music oh Lord, let them be touched by the spirit”. My dear Man of God, if the music is that irrelevant, why not just preach straight away (even spoken word requires artistry). Musicians today are comfortable with mediocrity because that’s what the market is asking for. Artistes now recycle beats and progressions, change the lyrics, write two weak lines, and release it as a single; do that 5 times and you have yourself an album. Nobody wants to work anymore. We have come to an era now where almost everybody is hiding under the canopy of short choruses and chants. Because people like Ada, Godswill Otuonye, William McDowell, Frank Edwards and some others have written exceptional and powerful short songs, everybody thinks it’s a short cut to activating the power of God during ministrations. My people do not be deceived, “the fastest route to success is understanding that there is no shortcut to success.” 

The first record of the spirit of God being released upon a man in the scriptures is in Ex 31:1-5 and even God had to admit that the man was very skilful in his art. Please my dear musician, always strive to be at the top of your game, and always try to deliver excellence. Being very Good at what you do doesn’t make you any less spiritual.
Special Effects;

Back in the days, moving a congregation to tears was quite easy. All you had to do was cast 4 people in a drama, have two of them put on white garments and serious faces, have another person put on a black garment and a malignant face, then have the fourth person looking sad while “book of Life” by Pastor Nath plays in the background. Before the bridge of the song, the church would be flooded with the tears of the congregation and by the end of the song; the altar would be filled with repentant souls even without an altar call.

Sadly, in this day and time, before you can pull any emotion from the congregation other than boredom or criticism, you would have to employ certain special effects with real tears and real props. I don’t know whether it’s because our generation is hardened or that we are too attached to sights and sounds. Whatever the reason may be, an artiste must go the extra mile to drive his point home. Presently, there are people who condemn the use of special effects during concerts and in churches claiming that it undermines the power of God. They may have a point oh; certain Christian concert organisers work without the understanding that God can move amongst His people independent of special effects. However we must not totally write-off special effects in that they trigger the mind into yielding to the spirit. In scripture we have seen divinity manifest silently without bravado but we have also seen divinity appear in thunder, lightning, fire and smoke; those are special effects. If God is not unholy for using them, you are not unholy for using them. If God doesn’t consider them evil, we should stop calling them evil.
Appearance and Presentation;

In simple Naija expression, I call this Packaging and it’s quite straight forward. We are yet to find out what the right dress code for a Christian artiste is so till we do that, let us dress according to our art. Let the artiste who suites up on stage not condemn the artiste in ripped skinny jeans. That you are in a suit does not mean those who are in t-shirts on stage are not as righteous and serious minded as you. Personally I do not like skinny jeans and I do not like seeing people in ripped cloths, the sight just conflicts with my orientation and background but I dare not condemn them or hate them. Actually, I find myself loving their music more than the suited guys; yes, they minister powerfully to me with their music. We used to think Kirk Franklin was crazy till we realised that there was greater craze than his in Tye Tribbett. These are people who bless lives continually with their music and are now considered Generals in the music scene. Like I said earlier, the dress code for Christian musicians wasn’t written in scripture so let artistes dress according to their art. However, we as saints are expected to be a shining light for the world. If your dressing on stage causes more trouble than your art can solve, please review your dressing. Our mandate is to preach the Gospel not to create controversy. Like I always say, “if you have to explain your art to people, there’s something wrong with it”, so also if you have to defend your dress code to people, then there’s probably something wrong with it.

Also on the subject of Packaging, I have come to understand that certain people have a problem with the word ‘Concert’. They feel it is a carnal expression and should not be used for highly spiritual events like theirs. In fact, I have heard people say things like “this is not a concert, if you came for a concert I am sorry to disappoint you” and “the spirit of the Lord is powerful in this place, this is no more a concert, God is moving”. These statements are usually made out of emotional excitement and are neither factual nor true. A musical concert simply refers to the arrangement and delivery of music involving musical instruments and/or singers. Where then do people get these ideas? I know you want the move of God in your event, that doesn’t mean it is not a concert. Calling your event a concert neither makes it unholy nor does it limit the move of God. Having an evident move of God through impartation is highly recommended but it doesn’t mean your event isn’t a concert.

Music is entertainment, if that is true then we can say that gospel music is entertainment, consequently, music ministry is based on entertainment. In mathematics we would simply say 

If X =Y,

And Y = Z,

Therefore X = Z.

Sorry, I just had to use this transitivity logic to prove it.

If this is true why then do church musicians say things like “I’m not an entertainer, I’m a minister”? Like I said, we will deal with this issue of ‘ministry’ and ‘ministers’ but first lets deal with this wrong interpretation of entertainment. As long as you work with rhythm, melodies and rhyme, you are a musician and since music is to entertain you are an entertainer whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, denying it is like denying the existence of gravity, it is inevitable. Denouncing entertainment is as musician does not make you holy; you may sound godly but it doesn’t make you godly. If you are not an entertainer, why then do you employ music? Why not let go of the music and be a preacher? You can’t hold on to the tools of a farmer, us those tools in the farm, carry those tools with you for everybody to see and even walk with other farmers who use those same tools and then claim that you aren’t a farmer. We can easily say that that person has identity issues.

I think the problem is that a lot of people have associated entertainment with carnality so much so that Christian musicians are afraid to refer to themselves as entertainers. The truth is that within your musical entertainment God finds a medium to touch lives. Music is powerful and in comparison to other mediums of ministration, music gives way for the move of God in profound dimensions. The secret is as much in the spiritual ‘yieldedness’ of the musician as it is in the receptiveness of the audience. A prominent Nigerian musician who is widely referred to as the father of gospel music as we know it in Nigeria made this same statement and I could hardly believe it because i thought he was of the school of thought that entertainment is not of God. Musical entertainment has always been a tool in the hand of God since the days of David and King Saul; let no man despise your musical entertainment.
In Conclusion; this is only the first part of the article and I know you are already struggling with your mindset to unlearn certain sincere but misguided beliefs you have acquired over the years. Don’t fight it, that’s just pride pushing you. The other part will deal with some other areas of misconceptions and will draw the curtain on this subject. 

Alas the purpose of this write-up should not be forgotten. I am not just writing short notes on these concepts in order to define and explain them in a show of intelligence. My desire is that we get better at what we do as soon as possible because the effort invested on the other side is yielding immensely. We must abandon our show of holiness and disdain for one another and focus on the assignment before us so as to deliver excellence thereby leaving the people of this world with no excuse to damage their soul with vile music. If the church does not deliver better alternatives to sights and sounds the world brings, then we have no business complaining.

I bring greetings from the PROJECT SALT, God bless the preaching and teaching of his word through music in every corner of the globe, Amen!
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The Upcoming Stunt

I’m sure you too have noticed that since 2012, the kind of awesome songs that have been written (especially worship songs….in Nigeria) have been mind blowing. I thought it was due to better promotions and other marketing campaigns but I settled that it is simply because Nigerian gospel artistes, who have been hidden, have actually been working and improving. Though credit must also be given to gospel music bloggers in the country for doing a whole lot, it is apparent that music ministers are developing well. However, there is a matter I want us to tackle. So please don’t do anything time you are done reading this…..and I mean anything! It is a serious something.
Now, one of the major pathways an artiste has to go through is classification. This happens when People try to find out;

What kind of music she makes

What kind of music he likes

Who is his role model?

Who are her mentors?
These enquiries, though silently and subconsciously made, help people to classify an artiste into a category and to some extent, determine acceptability. But there exists one kind of classification that takes place without enquiries. This categorisation is highly determined by media popularity. It is a function of how well an artiste is known by majority of the crowd. It places people in any of the following slots;
New artiste,

Upcoming artiste,

Star artiste.
Recently, I have heard new slots being used in the entertainment circle…..even in gospel music circles:
Upcoming, coming up quick.


Super star.

Mega star.

Mega Super star.
These categories are quite funny but in a subliminal way, they influence artistes’ acceptability. If, for instance, I’m to organise a concert, I will draw up my list of performing artistes based on the aforementioned slots, constrained by the concerts budget. So for a low-budget concert of 3-4 hours, I’ll have 1 new act, 2 upcoming artistes and one headliner. Now, I am speaking as an economist, objective and oblivious to spiritual or religious inclinations so please stay with me because I have seen issues in this categorisation and I intend to deal with them using this medium because it is not only limiting but damaging the quality of music available to lovers of good music.

Looking at this now as a lover of good music and a solid Christian, I know i am not an authority in the music business and I know that the authorities in the business may antagonise certain points in this article. But I still have to bring our attention to these issues. First, we need to distinguish an artiste from a celebrity. An artiste is creative and productive. As far as an artiste is concerned, whatever he creates is good and those who see it as good are called his fans. A celebrity is popular. He/she is either liked or disliked by majority of the crowd, notwithstanding, he/she is popular. Once upon a time, being a celebrity meant that you were celebrated because of the great thing(s) you did. Now, whether you are celebrated or relegated, you can make yourself popular in the idle comfort of your bedroom.

Hope you are still with me oh. Now, these two concepts are actually not mutually exclusive since one person can be a celebrated artiste though Nigerians have insisted on recognising the celebrity and ignoring the artiste. Because of this, the artiste who is now a celebrity forgets that his artistry brought him to the top and instead, focuses on maintaining his celebrity status. The pressure to maintain status proves to be very strong on celebrities and it comes from music stake holders like: 

The on air personalities, 

The promoters, 

Award organisations,

The concert organisers, etc
So when the artiste should be self developing, learning more vocal skills and building lyrical prowess, she is trying hard to meet up with red carpet standards or trying to be on every show possible or even reducing standard to gain acceptance into the current music market.

It is funny how this trend has crept into the gospel music scene. We pay “honorarium” to the superstar and give the upcoming act “transport fair” or “Pastoral handshake” or sometimes “may God increase your ministry” even when the upcoming act did greatd, live music while the superstar simply played his CD and danced to it. 

Getting an award now is not about how good your work is but how many people know you and can vote for you. Unfortunately, awards in the gospel music industry are gradually being about who you know.
Let it be noted that an artiste cannot be “upcoming”!…. though a celebrity can. An artiste can mature in the art, he can get better in performance, he can be more creative but he cannot be categorised as upcoming because artistry is not a function of popular opinion. A celebrity can be upcoming, or be a super mega star since those categories are bordered on popularity. 

For instance, I know this singer, Seunstics, great on the acoustic guitar, blessed with a divine voice. He has done songs that have blown my mind. He isn’t really that popular and he probably hasn’t gone on tours. But I dare not call his work “upcoming”. I heard another work done by a guy called David titled “teach me to be strong” I don’t even know him but based on the quality of that song and the heavy message therein, I cannot call this lyricist “upcoming” because an artiste is measured by his work not his fan base. Now if I should invite only these ministers to a concert on the same day Sir Sammy or Oga Tim is having his own concert, which concert will you go to? Duh…

Now you see what I mean?
One may wonder why I have an issue with this concept of classification. Well this is my issue….

The body of Christ has been starving! Yea, I said it! Until just recently, we abandoned our home-written songs; Songs written based on God’s work with us in this part of the world. I mean, which foreign artiste can come up with a punch line like “this God is too good Oh” or “Alagbara”? I can say that since you found time to read this article, you probably follow the Nigerian gospel music scene but if I randomly pick an average Christian’s phone and go through his/her playlist, I doubt that Nigerian gospels are up to 20%. And they are there because they are songs by celebrities. The rest are foreign gospels mean while there are awesome songs out there that are blessing lives.
We need to stop putting “celebrity” pressure on musicians and let them maximise their potentials and bless our lives. If oga Nath reduces his trumpet rehearsal time or devotion time so as to be on every TV show, will we have more songs like “imela”? Or if Sir KK tries to pursue every promotional stunt rather than work on his energy and vocal range will he give us more songs like “your peace”? Let’s not even go into “vow” by uncle Aremu.
Although I know that it is a great thing to be an artiste and a celebrity at the same time and I believe it is right to work towards that goal, I pray thee Oh artiste. Spend more time on your knees and in your craft. Don’t let this media stunt guys pressure you too much. Let them do their Job and let them let you do yours. They know how to make money for you and bring you to the world. They know how to ensure that your vision is not frustrated. But keep your head in the essence of your musicianship. Because the earnest expectation of the creation is not the manifestation of a well packaged but empty artiste Oh. Content is highly essential.
I bring greetings from #thePROJECTSALT  . God bless you, God bless our music ministers, and God bless the body of Christ.

….bigDan McDon.

The Project Salt; so far so Good

In a world filled with pain, suffering, hurt and discouragement, The Project Salt is an organisation mandated to bring hope and healing on the wings of music, creative arts, teachings and every other means possible. As our name implies, we have taken up the mandate to be the salt of the earth in our words and deeds.

Life has been very real to a lot of people. In fact, people have come to know life within this statement “life is not fair”. This has made it difficult for them to accept the good news of Grace. Our goal therefore, is to use our music, teachings and other creative means to bring the light of hope into their hearts and heal their wounds.

Although music has hitherto been the base of our operation, PS is a movement that penetrates the lifestyle of our ambassadors. This means that even in the private lives and careers of each ambassador, hope and healing is still evident. Amongst us are Teachers, Music Producers, Laboratory Scientists, Business Consultants, Accountants, to mention a few but we all ensure that even within the confines of our career, we manifest as the salt of the earth.
Mode of Operation

Our foremost strategy is our music. Our songs are specifically and strategically constructed to bring peace and rest to the souls of people. We build faith with each piece we put out and link humanity to its source because we know that sustenance can only come from the source. Presently, we are working on our debut music album titled the #firstfruitcollection and we believe that these songs will yield the exactly fruits they were written for.

Stage Performances are another means we use in reaching people with grace. Generally, the stage is a place where we thrive in our delivery of hope and healing. We are known for our written plays, and dramas which are performed live. Live performances have always been an effective tool. We produce stage plays and direct other artistic performances especially those that are geared to uplifting people. We are also into screen plays and tv drama. Our next tv drama series titled “Bloodline” is in the works.

Teachings, especially on spiritual truths are very vital in PS. We take up speaking engagements where we teach people on deep spiritual concepts. Most times the problems people face are dealt with when they unlearn certain practices and do the right things. Other times, we just need to keep hearing the right things even when we know them. Our job at PS is to teach spiritual principles rather than religious rituals. Religion which has done more harm than good is the basis for most of the problems in the world today. The Project Salt helps people look away from religion and look unto Grace.
Founding Members

The Project Salt was founded initially as a music group. It was not until later in our work with the Holy Spirit that he expanded our purpose. The founding members were not even aware of the great mandate they were being a part of. They just wanted to sing and bless lives while they could.

PS started in Babcock University Nigeria when a group of beautiful vocalists came together to form a private independent music team. The band was so eager to do music that they forgot to pick a name or an identity. However, they were known around campus for their individual and collective music prowess.

Ngozi Ordu: one of the three vocalists in the group. I passionate singer that could silence a crowd without moving an inch; all she had to do was sing.

Juliet Ochevire: another vocalist who never stopped developing herself. Whenever we transposed spontaneously on stage, she always delivered with her pitch. Currently she works in the telecomm industry.

Mirabel Ayavoro : such a great vocalist. I do not need to say much about her now that she has become popular for singing and playing the acoustic guitar. All I can say is ‘google her’.

Fiyin Ola: back then we called him Fingers; some still call him by that name. He has become sort of a legend in Babcock University. Blessed with the skill of playing the keyboard and guitar, fingers established himself as the most creative instrumentalist in his time. He is currently a top class professional musician working with various bands on numerous programs and projects.

Tobe: this fellow is blessed with a pair of divine legs. As our drummer, he was also remarkably skilful on the soccer pitch. He is currently studying to be a Computer Scientist at the University of Ibadan.

Daniel Oseghe: another blessed creative mind, he is one out of the two founding members that have remained with us till date. He has functioned primarily as our base guitarist and secondarily as our keyboardist. He is presently obtaining a masters degree in mass communication at the University of Lagos.

Ola Famoye: this fellow was our official guitarist. Known as Ola strings, he has also become a legend on campus. He spent his days playing the guitar at concerts off campus when we weren’t engaged. He claims that music is the power to his soul. He is currently the CEO of Sign-in tunes Entertainment.

Osagie Ozigbo: this is another awesome creative mind. He has successfully dabbled through a number of musical instruments that we are waiting for him to pick up the talking drum. He is also a vocalist and is currently doing great as an independent act in the music industry.

bigDan McDon: he functioned as the music director of the group. He has remained with the group till date and is currently the Creative Director. He is a recording and performing artist and also a teacher of spiritual truths.
Current Members

Omobolanle Zeal Adewumi: this cake magician is a passionate singer with a divine alto tone. Her voice is to the group what a shadow is to a painting. He is also a Quality Assurance expert and also accepts invitations to minister independently.

Yetunde Marvel Aje: this lady has pipes for a throat. With a dangerous pitch she blesses us as a group.

Olaoluwa Oni: a chartered accountant blessed with a great voice and a hunger for God, she has established herself as a music minister and accepts invitations to minister alone.

Olumide Ajayi: started out initially as our drummer but has grown into our logistics personnel. He makes things happen for PS.

Bright Real: our in-house producer, manifesting on the drums, keyboards and production software. He always strives for development and excellence individually and collectively. He is a junior producer with Mustard Breed Productions.

Efe Nathan: this woman of God has been a worthy mentor to this group. Even in her very busy schedule, she finds time to answer our questions and give us priceless advice. A singer, song writer and music director, she is currently the most sought after gospel musician in the country. We are grateful for meeting such a person with an open heart willing to help others achieve as she has.

Kenny Kore: for PS, a true minister ministers on and off the stage. This Man is a true minister. Wherever and whenever, he is ready to teach and bless. He never fails to redirect us to the source of wisdom and inspiration. He is a singer, song writer and a teacher on spiritual truths.

Kilanko Ore-ofe: we know him as KK. Every contact with this MOG yields divine revelations. A sound teacher on relationships, forgiveness and faith, KK is an author and a cyber evangelist. He has been with us from the start.

Alex Ibukun Abdull: this multitalented human being is a true friend of PS. IBK was there even before the inception of the group. He never hesitates to join us on stage. He has worked with us in producing stage performances and organising concerts. He is one of our covenant partners.
Spiritual Authority:

PDM: Pastor Daniel and Mary Yohanna of Rapha Ministeries are renowned healing ministers. They have been capable parents to this group. Every time we get confused on our calling and purpose, they set us straight. Their prayers for us have yielded fruits and their parental covering has always been priceless.

PKM: Pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo and in charge of David’s Christian Centre. Their teachings on prosperity, faith and marital bliss have singled them out as excellent ministers of the Gospel. We are grateful being under your guidance in this journey.
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Testimonies ft Efe Nathan & Kenny Kore

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…hope and healing