She Saw Him

The little girl watched in silence as they ‘raped’ her mum
She winced as they slashed mercilessly with their words
If it were real, her mother would have been dead
Or maybe she was, for the woman stood silent, eyes numb
‘’You whore! You are beyond redemption”, they cried
“Shameless swine, your generation is cursed”
“How dare she sleep with the priest; she probably lured him with those lips”
“Take her to the square, stone her to death”
She watched them push her Mum; she saw them strip her naked
She watched them scour her pink lips with sharp sand till it turned bloody red
She followed them, noting their angry faces and vengeful hearts
She saw the priest join in beating the woman he kissed minutes ago
“Oh, there is Jesus. Let him judge her”, he taunted
“He would definitely kill her, smashing her brain with the stones of the temple”
“He knows the law of Moses, let him destroy her. Let him strike her till she dies”
She heard them explain to this man what her mother did
She saw him stare and move towards the ‘unclean woman’
She saw him drop the stone they thrust into His hands
She heard him say those words that saved her Mum;
“Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone”
She saw Jesus, she was never the same

© Ayobami Ajayi, 2018

Leave Pastors Alone!

For every 12 good men, there’s a Judas and for every 10 bad men, there’s a Reuben. Simply put, there’s always a guy with an ulterior motive amongst good guys and there’s always the guy with good intentions amongst the bad guys. For this breakdown, we will stick to the former as it is the best description of the state of Christianity today, especially in Africa.

It is undeniable that there are a lot of false teachers and preachers today. It is undeniable that some people who call themselves Pastors are just manipulative illusionists or straight up witch doctors in suits. However, it is also undeniable that most Pastors are actual Pastors called and sent by God to do what they do. Unfortunately we are at a time when the good guys are being gathered up with the bad and put under intense destructive criticism.

So the question now is, who is the good, who is the bad and how much criticism is good for them? Well there are scriptural indices we can use to distinguish between the right and the wrong but that’s not what this breakdown is about. This piece has a single purpose; to get us all to refrain from antagonising Pastors.

Any and every body who calls himself a Pastor is off limits. Leave hem alone. Let them be. Attacking them on any grounds is not your place. They hold a sacred position in the body of Christ and are directly responsible to God their boss. We can’t even attempt to discuss how much reference and honour we need to show Pastors in this piece; two things that are really deficient in the body of Christ today. The least we can do is to encourage you to refrain from criticising them.

Even if the Pastors are known illusionists and diabolic manipulators, you have no business calling them out. We are told in scriptures to stay away from them not to make it our mission to expose them. Keep your focus on Jesus, he’s all that matters.

If you genuinely feel that a friend or family member is being misinformed and manipulated by a false Pastor or a church, then the best way to help that person come to the knowledge of that description isn’t by speaking bad about the Pastor or the church. The best way is to help that person find Jesus for himself or herself. Bring them close to Jesus, teach them any time you can, show then scriptures to help them realise their errors not to counter their Pastor’s teachings. Just focus on Jesus and the light of God’s word will open his eyes.

Hope this breakdown has been helpful. Feel free to suggest any quote that need explanations. You can also read previous quote breakdowns and share with friends and family.


The monster gazed at me with an ugly smirk
His lips covered with blood and his claws so dark
I sang the words I had learnt just yesterday
“…No longer a slave to fear…A child of God?”
Puff! I gasped in pain
With His menacing blows, I laid on the floor slain
It was supposed to work right?
The words were supposed to take me on a flight
Far far away like Cinderella in the castle.
He walked away, having drunk his fill of me
He pulled my hair and promised another repeat…
This could not go on. What did I do wrong?
How do I escape? Where was the man with the white cape?
And sure enough He came…a figment or so I thought
“Did you use the word?” He asked me
“Of course I did”, I spat in disgust
I memorised them. I sang them. I whispered them.
He sighed…”Well, did you eat them? Till your spirit and soul were drunk with them?”
“Did you chew them deliberately? Till they became tattoos on your skin?”
“Did you become the word’s word? Till your heart rather than blood pumped the word’s ink?”
And sure enough I did
And with every gulp, my head rose up an inch
Yes! Yes! A Son….Not a slave, my Spirit renewed my mind
And this time I picked up my club…
Walked boldly into the enemy’s hub.
While I beamed this time, it was he who flinched.

© Ayobami Ajayi.

SAS Goes Live!

Sagie’s Acoustic Sessions is set to go live on the 30th of November 2018. The music show which started as a studio recording of beautiful mashups of popular songs is in gear to be the live show to bring in the holidays.

Holding at the Genesis Cinema of Maryland Mall, Sagie and the King’s Men will be dishing out live music alongside invited artistes like Johnny Drill and ID Cabassa. There will also be comic performances by the likes of Frank Donga and Kenny Black. According to Sagie, it is a complete package of music, movies, comedy and a whole lot of fun.

News reaching us state that the event is almost sold out. Hopefully, there are still some sits left so feel free to order your tickets on this platform by sending us a mail via

Don’t be told how much fun you missed, be there.


Somehow I knew you couldn’t stay
Though we had ‘great moments’ accompanied with passion at its peak
But I knew you were not mine to keep
For I was cheating on Him-my Husband
Those nights when he went quiet, I sought you
And I would inhale you deeply like you were my hemp
Indeed you were my high and I was the chain smoker
And night after night, I reduced myself from His bride to a hooker
My spirit diced ad diced into a hollow shadow
For I could not serve two masters
Could not swear love to him with the lips that kissed you some five minutes ago
So let us make a toast to my farewell speech
Here is to better days with Hubs and less nights with you
Here’s to a lot of bended knees in prayers to my King
I would no longer be drawn by your touch or seduced by your winks…
Raise your glass Lucifer; this is goodbye

© Ayobami Ajayi (2017)

21st Century Nicodemus

The social media has become a place of ambush. People show up there, hiding behind handles, airing their opinions with reckless abandon. The latest antic is antagonising the church and their leaders. People who are not believers take turns bashing Pastors openly while church members who have been offended in some way carry out their own ‘bashery’ from the safety of their anonymity on social media.

However, one thing has been noticed in all these, from conversations with these people, it has been noticed that most of them are not lashing out because they are truly offended. They lash out as a result of frustration. It’s more like a defence mechanism. They do not do this deliberately, it’s a subconscious reaction, a cry for help, a reaction to a lack of understanding. The issues they chide the church over are usually the same issues they have been unable to rap their heads around and since they can’t comprehend these deep truths, they fight the system instead of seeking help.

Well it’s time the church learns this, that people aren’t receiving the truths, mostly because they aren’t being thought well and sometimes because they are being distracted by the spectacular instead of focusing on the supernatural.

Nicodemus was one man who knew there was something about this Jesus but he couldn’t ask for help like the rest of the people because of his religious status so he approached Jesus in the dark of the night to gain understanding.

This is what we have resorted to do these days. Instead of asking for help, we lambaste church leaders online and hope they respond with explanations the comment section. This is unwise. He that asks a question is a fool only for the duration of his ignorance because immediately he receives the answer, his foolishness is no more.

Don’t be afraid of asking about giving or tithing or sowing or sexual immorality or life or romance or science or any other subject. Even if the person will judge you while answering you or even speak condescendingly to you, put on your tough skin and receive understanding. After all, who says their opinion counts?

Please refrain from attacking the faith in public, it has no benefit to you, the person you are speaking to and the faith you are attacking. Notice that no church, whether good or bad, has been shutdown as a result of bad-mouthing. Bad publicity is still publicity and with that they can still thrive.

Please focus of Jesus, he’s all that matters.

Hope this piece has been helpful. Please comment and suggest popular quotes you wish to be broken down. Feel free to share with the world and watch this space for more quote breakdowns.


I watched as my reflection burned
Starting from my heart to the whole of me
Slowly, as I said those words of surrender
Opened my eyes and found a pool of my tears
Tears that had stained the altar till they turned bright crimson
His blood for mine; I could almost taste it in the wine spooned to my lips
Death transcending to life; spirits exchanged
Cadre changed; darkness to light; slave to son…..
I watched as my last ruins melt into black soot
Taking with it the condemnation of my gory past.
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, just a second had passed.
I could hear the Pastor’s voice in between
In broken tune with my new heart beat.
“You’re born again”, He whispered
“I am born again” I affirmed

©Ayobami Ajayi 2018

…hope and healing