Unscripted’s Pilot Session is Now On The Project Salt TV

It is with Great joy that Unscripted, the spontaneous worship session we have been anticipating is now available for streaming on our YouTube channel “The Project Salt TV”.

We were unable to deliver on the set date due to negative externalities beyond our control; for this we are sorry. Thankfully, the pilot session featuring Jedidiah Olawale is now up and ready to bless you.

Lets meet our guest…

He is a professional Social Worker, itinerant Music Minister and Leader of The Word Group.
He’s ministry and profession are both tailored to cater to people in need of Jesus. As a social worker, he has handled cases such as addiction, abuse and has even had a personal battle with depression.
As an artiste, he makes Jesus the central theme of his music, using his voice to bless lives with songs.
As a teacher, he is sold out to the mandate of unveiling Jesus and his unconditional love to as many who do not truly know him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jedidiah Olawale.

Please do subscribe to our channel and share this to the world. We intend to reach as many out there who are going through the valleys of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Join us now as we engage in spontaneous outburst of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs here.

Unscripted is Set to go Viral

If you have been watching the countdown below, you must have secretly been anticipating this strange event tagged “Unscripted”.

We have taken out time working on this project to ensure excellent delivery, even to the point of postponing the release date. So now that we are quite certain of majority of the unknowns, we would love to introduce to you our latest conception, to be birthed very soon; the UNSCRIPTED Sessions with bigDan McDon.

Unscripted is a music-talk show tailored into a web series. It consists of different episodes, featuring different musicians and artistes in unplanned and unstructured music ambiance where they engage in spontaneous renditions of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that have blessed their lives over the years especially in their times of struggles, challenges, prayers and victories.

This vision is driven by a need to confront the rise in depression and suicidal tendencies in the world today. Studies show that in every 100mins, a young person is committing suicide and that depression is now taking more lives than cancer. We can either keep talking about the issue or find away to help each other out of it. The team decided to get involved, using the tools best known and available to us; music, to heal lives across the world.

Unscripted is not just be a spontaneous music session. It features interviews with guest artistes who have walked the path of depression, anxiety and even attempted suicide. We have noticed that people go through issues in life thinking they’ve got the weirdest and most unique problems and that loneliness makes them feel alienated and suicidal. So in each episode we do not only go into spiritual music for our souls, we also discuss challenges we faced and how we overcame them in the place of prayer and worship.

This show will be broadcasted on the YouTube platform beginning from the 2nd of February 2019. Our channel on the platform is The Project Salt TV so please do well not just to join in but to share with friends and then subscribe so you can get notified when each episode drops. We will also take suggestions of artistes you would love us to feature on the show and areas you would love us to talk about. You can even share your stories with us so we can share them with the world and help heal someone out there. Just send us a mail via testimony@theprojectsalt.com or connect with us on social media @theprojectsalt .

The pervading effect of this show is amazing as God is set to use it to heal hearts and minds across the globe. Do be part of it and spread the news. The love and light of God is spreading into the hidden and dark places, bringing hope and healing to the hurting world.

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Partners will be kept abreast with all our projects and will be the first to know of upcoming projects and events.

To become one of our prestigious partners, do send us a mail via partners@theprojectsalt.com stating your request and the requirements will be made available to you.

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He knew the right thing to do
Shout for Jesus, the son of David to have mercy on Him.
He was there when the blind man screamed his name.
Perhaps he should jump and hold him as he passed by
Just as his neighbor, the woman with the issue of blood, did.
But he stayed rooted, eyes numb, tongue tied.
He tried to say the words but it choked him
“Ask Him for help!”, His mind screamed
But he couldn’t; they didn’t see the monster threatening him to keep shut
He couldn’t tell them that he had killed his fellow-man.
That He had done abominable things, too big to confess.
He could not tell them that even Jesus would be unable to stomach the stench of condemnation that hung on him.
Jesus was two feet away from Him and in terror, He fled.
Up into a tree, unable to look into a perfect God’s face.
Closing his eyes so tight, He tried to forget everything happening around him
The Monster. This Jesus. His mind. His family. Everyone!
Perhaps he should hang himself by dawn tomorrow. Or drown in the waters of Zarqa
“Breathe!” “Call Him!” “Say something.

He felt a hand touch his forehead, and saw the kindest eyes ever seen.
The savior beckoning him to come
“I must stay at your house today”, Jesus whispered…
He wept, He laughed, He made sounds of joy
He knew he would never be the same
He knew he was changed.

©Ayobami Ajayi

She’s a Son

Back in the days, while I was still an undergraduate, I worked for my father during the Holidays. He was a lawyer so I had to do a lot of PA work so it got to a point where I had to represent him at different functions since I was basically his only staff member. I don’t know if I should even be called staff, after all he wasn’t paying me shingbai.
I don’t know if it was my size or my face or my knowledge of his work but wherever I went to represent him, people always thought I was a lawyer and a big decision maker in my fathers “big” chambers so they accorded me serious respect and honour. In fact, whenever I insisted on any matter, they would go behind me, call my father and ask him to beg me to reconsider. Now,this is not a charge and bail something. I’m talking big companies, royalties and powerful people cos my father was into land law, contracts and agreements and other civil cases so I was getting respect from people I would normally prostrate for.
All the story is just to paint a picture of what sonship is ’cause thats what my assignment is today *Sonship in the Kingdom*.

I will not spend time discussing the fundamental aspects of sonship and kingdom, quoting all the scriptures where son of God appears so as not to make this write up too long. I will go straight to the misconceptions we Christians have on the concept of sonship.
The first is, “not every child of God is a son of God”. I used to think that immediately you accept Christ, you are a son of God but I stumbled on Gal 4:1-7 and I began to understand that I was yet a child of God, joint heir with Christ, heaven bound, but not yet a son.
African traditions align with this concept of sonship where the first available son bears the seal of his father and wherever he is, it is considered that the father is and whatever he says is considered the words of his father. The Kingdom of God however, conforms to this practice too though not gender specific i.e. even females can attain sonship.
Like the African traditions, not everybody in the family of Christ is a son even though everybody can be. *Being a child is a gift, being a son takes growth…deliberate growth*. We must strive to move from being a child to being a son. This leads us to he second issue…

Attaining Sonship is a decision.
This is because it is not an easy process. Being a child of God is a comfortable zone but being a son is a prestigious position attained over time, fellowship with the spirit, experiential knowledge of God and willingness to follow God blindly. Citing Rev Peter Brights sermon on “The Lord is My Shepherd “The Lord is My Shepherd”, that’s exactly how sons are made.

Let me rap this up by bringing the ultimate son, the first begotten, into the picture.
Jesus is God. He was God right from birth but he too had to attain sonship. This is because sonship as I earlier said is not gender oriented. So even though he was a male version of the word of God made flesh, he was yet to attain sonship till his baptism at Jordan.
Even Jesus had to put in the work. He spent about 3 days after the passover celebration researching the scriptures while his parents where on their way home. I wonder how a 12 year old boy intended to travel back home alone.
For about 30 years Jesus lived right with God under his parents and when he had grown in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and men (Luke 2:52), he presented himself to be baptized after which he went into fasting to commence his ministry.
Notice that the two times God acknowledged the sonship of Jesus were the two times he made the most significant decisions as regards his relationship with his father (Luke 3:21-22 and Matt 17:1-9). The first time was when he accepted his mandate to represent his father on earth. The second time was when he was conferred with the old covenant so he could terminate it and bring in the new. So if Jesus had to strive for sonship, why should we be comfortable as children feeding on milk.

The question then is, “When do I know i have attained sonship?”. The truth is you may not hear a voice like Jesus did but there are certain thresholds you will cross that will indicate sonship. For me, the ultimate evidence is when you yield your life to God totally. It’s not a cliché, it’s not the sunday-sunday “I give myself away” process some Christians go through. it is the total yielding of your life to the service of the Kingdom. The jobs you take, the friends you keep, the person you marry, the words you speak, the life you live must radiate your alignment with the Kingdom. When you consider these things, it may make that decision though but trust me, its definitely worth it. Because as a son, you carry the authority of your father and in the words of Dunsin Oyekan “The word of God is as powerful in your mouth as it is powerful in God’s mouth”.

May we strive for sonship in God’s Kingdom henceforth in Jesus name.

© bigDan McDon

RepJ360 Drops New Song

Popular boy band Rep J360 has released another single titled “Light up The World” produced by Qasebeatz.

The pop rock band, well known within rock music circles is celebrated for their regular concert tagged “Tanna” which features the best of mainstream rock, pop and alternative music artistes in the city of Lagos.

This single which has before now, been performed live on stage is considered a musical expression of their concert theme Tanna.

The song is currently receiving great reviews on social media and so we have decided to make it available here.

Feel free to share this beautiful piece with the world.

Escape to Captivity

I descend into darkest depths
My eyes twitching clear from the smoke of meth
The woes I try to shove into a suitcase out in the open
I laugh bleakly, how does a Bishop girl say that she was raped by her brothers
Or that She was warmth for her Dad on cold nights
My hand moves towards another dose
Real life issues, real life Kush
I smoke, this time too hard
And I feel the soot hit a nerve in my brain
My blood running cold, veins bulging out,
I hold a few of my sane thoughts before giving in to the insanity that grips me
I laugh consciously, I know I’d keep laughing awhile
I feel the heat of madness ravish my bones and I surrender in defeat…


© Ayobami Ajayi, 2018

…hope and healing