QB: How Long Will It Take?

Growth is a natural process in life. People tend to grow in various aspects of their life. Some areas simply grow in response to the growth in other areas. For instance, growth in age will usually inform growth in size and growth in academic/mental capacity, which may in turn determine growth in financial independence.

However, certain growths in the human life cannot be left to natural occurrence. This implies that there are some areas where deliberate efforts are required to cause growth. One of such areas, which is considered the most important area for growth is the Spirit man.

A lot of people fail to understand that the is a realm of the spirit an its reality is not just parallel to the physical realm but a determinant of the physical realm. Simply put, what you see in the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual. So, to effectively cause changes in the physical without going through the hassle of engaging physical laws, all you have to do is effect those changes in the spirit and in the process of time, those changes will manifest in the physical. If you do not understand the aforementioned process, then you are definitely in need of spiritual growth.

Let’s make it clear at this point that spiritual growth is not as mystical as people consider it to be. It does not requite floating in the clouds or frowning intensely all day, or generally being antisocial. Being spiritual is simply maintaining a level of perception beyond your natural sense organs. So living a spiritual life is living beyond the limitations of your natural senses.

For believers, this requires a mindset and lifestyle based purely on the word of God. So whatever you hear, see, smell, taste, feel, must be subjected to what God says concerning that matter and if those natural perceptions fall short of God’s word, then they cease to be your reality. A spiritual life is a life whose reality is strictly God’s word.

That being said, it is unfortunate that a lot of people fail to develop their spirit man. They don’t search to know what God says about their general life or their specific situations. They live life as a random walk and consequently they are subject to every and any antic of the devil.

Life just happens to them. They fall sick, spend a whole lot of money on medication and start practising weird restrictive procedures just to stay healthy even when God promises effortless divine health. They are scared of everything that can scare them even when God says he has not given us a fearful spirit. They hustle for everything even when the blessings of God have no sorrow (labour, hustle) attached to it. The cry helplessly at bad circumstances even when the spirit of God provides encouragement and they are superlatively amazed by miracles even when God says that signs and wonders will follow them if the just believe. But, in all these, they still have never tried to build stature and stamina in the spirit in order to live above limitations.

Instead of holding on to the infallibility word of God, they would rather live their lives as humanists, capitalists, feminists, democrats, communists, egalitarians, etc. They fail to realise that these man made ideologies are flawed and cannot sustain the human race. They have all been proven to fail over the years and therefore cannot be trusted, yet, people live their lives based on their tenants.

But one observation has been made across time and space; people eventually realise their failures to grow in the spirit. Some realise it early in life, accept God’s word and live fruitful, joyful lives. Some others get tired of fighting the word of truth and eventually yield to it but have little or nothing to do as they are now old and weak. The rest get to realise their failure to build their spiritual life right on their death beds. These ones end up dieing with regrets.

What category do you stand in? What category do you wish to stand in? Don’t let life spend valuable time beating growth into you. Because, honestly, you will have to grow…it’s a matter of time and willingness. The question is, will the cruelty of life have to coerce you into growth?

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QB: Don’t Blame God

We have come to a season in time where the blame game is being prioritised over solutions. People are now more interested in finding who to blame for every issue than finding solutions to these issues.

The husband blames the wife for their failed marriage, the wife blames her husband’s secretary for seducing her cheating husband, the rapist blames girls who put on revealing cloths, the people blame the government for bad leadership, the government blames the economy for poor indices, the bank blames the network for poor internet banking services, the kids blame their parents for their bad decisions….we could go on.

And then the blame game extends to God. We blame God for all the evil in the world. And as if that’s not enough, we blame Him when we don’t get what we pray for. We insist we had faith in Him, we insist we trusted Him and we believe we did all the necessary things to appease Him into giving us what we asked for. So when we don’t get what we asked and believed for, we blame God.

Mankind really needs to understand were we stand with God. Most of us have no idea how much prestige God places on us. In the Arab world, when an entourage makes a procession into a place or out of a place, the last person in that procession is always the boss, the leader, the decision maker. He or she may not be the spokes person of the entourage but no decision is made on any matter without the leader’s consent; this was the same with the creation process.

Notice that in Genesis 1, God introduced the boss on the last day before He rested, after He had set up every other thing. Man was created to lead, and manage the earth and it’s systems. To be emphatic, the reason God could rest was because He had put a boss in place who was mandated, empowered and capable of managing the affairs of the earth. After this, God brought all the other creations to man and asked him to name them so he could also partake in the creation process. And based on the hierarchy in the spirit, after God is man, then angels before the devil and his demons. So firstly, we must understand that we are in charge of things down here. Our words and mindset should reflect the authority we have. It is on this knowledge that we make God’s word work in our lives. God will not do that for us. He made the earth for us so the job of implementation and enforcement of his declaration falls to us.

In the last post, we came to the conclusion that our faith is not just our trust in God but out absolute conviction in the word of God concerning any situation. That being said, it takes two things to get results in life; God’s word and our faith. So if the results don’t come, the question becomes, “which of these two failed… God’s word or my faith?”. But trust me, is never God’s word.

Romans 10:10 makes it clear that by believing, we are righteous and by confessing, we are saved. this means that when we are convinced in the truth of God’s word we are right with God and when we confess our conviction, we obtain victory. So true and perfect faith flows from the heart to the mouth. But we must also admit that your conviction may change and your confession may also change but God’s word has never been known to change. All through scripture, we see that God’s word always came true when the faith of men were aligned with it. We also notice that even Jesus couldn’t do much when the faith of men were not matching up to the word of God.

We have mastered the practice of sitting on our hands and doing nothing simply because the word of God concerning a matter has been spoken, but that’s not how it works. We must learn to believe and confess constantly an consistently, whether it looks feasible or not, whether we see positive or negative signs…our conversation and our confession must march the word of God else, we won’t get the desired results. God has spoken, it is now left to us to bring his words into fruition. He will not do this for us. This earth was given to us and the power to manifest God’s word in the physical has been given to us so we must get to work with our faith otherwise, God is helpless in making his word work in our lives.

When we insist on the truth that God’s word isn’t to blame for the failures, we will learn to build our faith. God and His word have prevailed through time, eras, civilisations, kingdoms, empires, up till today so, be rest assured that His word never changes or fails. It is you and your faith that requires an upgrade to get results.

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QB: Why Your Faith Won’t Work


You don’t have the conviction yet.

A lot of people think faith is just believing that stuff will happen. And when stuff doesn’t happen, they tend to lose faith in faith. Some people have become cynics and sceptics because they have not seen their faith work unarguably before. Some become totally secular and anti-God just because bad things happened to them despite their faith. But after proper evaluation, you realise most people don’t actually work their faith.

Having faith in a truth is different from accepting information. It’s one thing to accept that there is a concept called gravity. It’s another thing to believe in the existence of gravity. Accepting the concept means you can write or speak about it, pass an exam on the subject and even teach it to other people. Believing in he existence is seen when you refuse to jump off a building or cliff, knowing that you won’t fly but land fatally.

Faith that works is not just believing but having absolute conviction in the truth you know. This is why born-again Christians are referred to as believers. They believe the word of God. Outside the word of God, all you have is hope. For instance… Jim has no money to get back to his dorm room from class. He tells his friends of his predicament and begins to ask around for assistance while classes are in session. Brian tells Jim that he once was stranded too but some guy in the same class named Jake whose dad’s loaded, helped him out. Brian also tells Jim that Jake is quite a generous guy and wouldn’t think twice about helping him too. At this instant, Jim is hopeful that he wouldn’t have to sleep in class or walk into the night back home because there is a possibility of getting some financial assistance from Jake.

We can therefore say that hope is basically the result of a positive information or occupancy as concerns our need or desires. Faith however, happens when Jake, after being asked by Jim for some cash to get him home that night, tells Jim “no problem bro, immediately after our last class, I’ll give you a ride home”. At this point Jim has a word of assurance from Jake and therefore wouldn’t need to keep asking around for help. In fact, when people ask him how he’s going to manage for the night, Jim will simply say, “it’s been taken care of, Jake’s got me covered.”

So while our hope is in positive occurrences, our faith should be in God’s word. But what if something goes wrong with Jake’s car? Jim may feel dumb for putting all his hopes in this dude instead of having a plan B. But on knowing that Jake’s dad is loaded, he is rest assured that Jake still has him covered. This is the same with God, he has proven himself countless times in and out of scripture to earn you total conviction in his promise regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. So when God gives you a word, hold on to it with both hands and feet. Stop trying out other options or trying to assist God in getting it done. You’ll just be getting in the way.

So hence forth, don’t just accept the word of God, believe it totally so much so that it would take a whole lot to convince you otherwise. That’s when your faith works and even the world around you will begin to align with your faith just so your desires are met.

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Q.B. Stop Digging Wells, when there is a fountain.

It has been observed that people are less likely to ask for help especially when they have not exhausted all other options within their power, skill or influence.

Research also shown that make drivers would rather risk getting lost than ask directions while on a road trip. This has perplexed the women who drive alongside them… she’ll always say “let’s ask around before we go too far or get lost” and he’ll always say “I’ve got it. I remember it now, I understand the map now”…well until they get unarguably, undeniably lost.

It is unfortunate that people take up major goals, tasks and projects with little or no preparation, training and counsel. People have gone into marriage with high expectations but low preparations because they feel society has thought them all there is to know. Some others get into business deals with clear information asymmetry simply because they like the high yield presented to them. Even issues as little as the course to major in should not be decided on without adequate knowledge.

But if we must be honest, for every situation that ended badly or is currently in a mess, look closely, counsel was ignored or rejected. This implies that on the average, people deserve what they get out of their ventures in life. Ventures that end well usually started with the gathering of knowledge and were sustained by counsel. But ventures that end badly were starved of sufficient knowledge, counsel, advice and consultation.

One major reason why people tend to run without counsel is the “I made it” mentality; what we can call the “self-made man syndrome”. The average person doesn’t want to share the glory with anyone so they keep to themselves, push their projects to the best of their individual abilities then get stuck somewhere because honestly, there is no such thing as a self-made man. Every man is a product if the positive and negative relationships in his life.

We need to learn to be teachable, take advice, ask questions, seek directions….not just from God but also from men and women God will lead you to. Why dig wells when fountains of knowledge flow around us. Seeking counsel will not reduce our status. It’s safer to be a fool within the duration of asking a question and receiving counsel than to be a colossal fool in life due to failures in endeavours, especially when there are people who have knowledge specific to those endeavours.

Let our pride not rob us of our excellence. Let us drink from the fountains around us.

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.

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QB: Move on, Greater Mountains Ahead.

You cannot afford to keep looking back whilst you intend to make progress. You can either look back and retrogress or look forward and progress…you can’t do both.

Most motivational speakers tell us to never dwell on our failures. They inspire us to keep the hope alive and look forward else we will be distracted or delayed by our past failures and end up missing the goal we intend to achieve.

Well, you need to also know that dwelling on your past successes will do the exact same thing to you. We often make the mistake of over celebrating our previous success and most times, we keep ourselves from achieving greater heights because we are running on fuel of past glories.

In the service industry, it is said that a man is only as good as his last work. This means that the satisfaction of your last client determines how good you are. However, in the realm of the spirit, a man is considered to be as good as his vision. This implies that his past inadequacies or abilities do not define him, instead he is defined by the quality of vision he nurtures on the inside. If this is true then a spiritual man conceived of a vision only has to dust himself of his failures or take a leap off his plateau and focus on bringing the vision to fruition.

The honest truth is that dwelling on your immediate past success is more dangerous than dwelling on your past failures. You failures may discourage you for a while but in the long run, they tend to boost your drive for success. On the flip side, dwelling on your immediate past success will limit you. If you fail to look up from that success story, you will eventually expect every venture to turn out just the same. Unfortunately, they never do. Life comes at you in different ways at different times so you can’t afford to expect your future success to align with your past success story.

Learn to hold unto God above all else because while everything in life is subject to change, God who stands outside life is fixed…multidimensional, but fixed. He has the power to guide u through each endeavour in life and help you prevail in changing situations.

The path of the just shines like the dawn until the noon day, so it is expected that you should never have a better yesterday. Why then should you focus on yesterday’s success instead of focusing on God who pulled you through? There are greater mountains ahead of you so don’t expect to meet the same challenges as before. For each mountain you take, there is a bigger mountain to be taken.

So get up from your feast, quit over-celebrating previous successes, take hold of God’s hands and conquer more territories. The world is waiting for you, it is your time to manifest!

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.

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QB: No Space for Show

There are so many ways in today’s church that have become avenues for people to exhibit their gifts and skills. The average Sunday service is now a variety show for skilled musicians, gifted singers, well dressed ushers, and even macho security officers.

In recent times, preachers have joined the exhibition. So whilst they are delivering the word of God, they derail from the subject and get into self aggrandisement.

The latest show of importance and greatness by preachers especially on social media is the the show of prophetic utterance. Every Tom, Dick and Johnbosco today uploads clips of prophetic statements on Facebook and Instagram as a show of spiritual greatness. Whether they are actually operating in the realm of the prophetic is an issue for another day.

Under normal circumstances, these exhibitions of utterance should not cause issues but in a world where the church of God is always under fire, even for her legitimate and scriptural practices, failed and irrelevant prophecies are not really helping our claims either. It is bad enough that we prophesy on spiritually tribal matters, but when these prophecies don’t come true, the Kingdom of God is shamed.

Like it or not, prophecies can be overturned. Believe it or not, prophecies can be delayed or even fade away. Not every prophecy prevails and not every prophecy is on time. There are two major reasons why legitimate prophecies fail:

The first is Counter Prayers. In 2nd Kings 20, a story is told of the encounter between Isaiah and Hezekiah that proves that even prophecies directly from God can be overturned in the place of prayer. This story is one of many documented in scripture.

So before you post that clip of you prophesying or even before you decide to prophesy, consider the fact that between the time of prophecy and the time of fruition, certain people can go on their knees to overturn it. This has been seen in different political prophecies that didn’t materialise because certain stakeholders prevailed in counter prayers.

The second is Ignorance or Indifference. If the stakeholders in a prophecy fail to engage that prophecy and work it to fruition, the prophecy will either die off or lay dormant and be delayed till someone is ready to do the work. In Genesis 15:13 God told Abraham that his descendants would be under oppression in a foreign land for 400 years after which they would be freed. Unfortunately, this promise was not documented so the Israelites, descendants of Abraham were unaware of this prophecy and could not engage it at the right time. If only they knee, they probably wouldn’t have rejected Moses the first time. In the end, it took the about 430 years to get out of Egypt.

A failed prophecy is bad for the identity and integrity of the Kingdom, especially when it is on a trivial matter. Does this mean we should not prophesy anymore? No, we only need to realise that Jesus is still the star of the show.

The bottom line of the matter is pride. It may not be a dominant character trait in the preachers but sometimes it sparks up and pushes the preacher to validate his calling and stature with God. We must ask the holyspirit to prune us of all weights that seem to prevent us from running this race and help us to keep looking unto Jesus the author and Finisher of our faith.

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Fast Rising Urban Alternative Singer drops her debut E.P.

After an impressive stint at the Project Fame years back, Mirabel has kept her fans and followers satisfied with her singles “Beautiful”, “Treat you better”, her performances on stage and her clips on Instagram. Well this time she takes it to another level by dropping an Extended Play titled “23”.

This album defies every market-friendly music trend in the industry as it focuses more on the beauty of her sound. She proves herself as an Alternative Music artiste.

As a founding member of The Project Salt, Mirabel is known for her virtues of avoiding short cuts and sticking to her strength, putting the work in and loving her music. So it’s no surprise that she has decided to establish her unique sound regardless of whether it aligns with the local music stereotypes.

Mirabel who has always been referred to as the next Asa is beginning to prove to her fans that she has more to offer than just what they expect from her.

Her album is currently available on popular online music stores so do get it, enjoy and share.