About Us

In a world filled with pain, suffering, hurt and discouragement, The Project Salt is an organisation mandated to bring hope and healing on the wings of music, creative arts, teachings and every other means possible. As our name implies, we have taken up the mandate to be the salt of the earth in our words and deeds.

Life has been very real to a lot of people. In fact, people have come to know life within this statement “life is not fair”. This has made it difficult for them to accept the good news of Grace. Our goal therefore, is to use our music, teachings and other creative means to bring the light of hope into their hearts and heal their wounds.

Although music has hitherto been the base of our operation, PS is a movement that penetrates the lifestyle of our ambassadors. This means that even in the private lives and careers of each ambassador, hope and healing is still evident. Amongst us are Teachers, Music Producers, Laboratory Scientists, Business Consultants, Accountants, to mention a few but we all ensure that even within the confines of our career, we manifest as the salt of the earth.
Mode of Operation

Our foremost strategy is our music. Our songs are specifically and strategically constructed to bring peace and rest to the souls of people. We build faith with each piece we put out and link humanity to its source because we know that sustenance can only come from the source. Presently, we are working on our debut music album titled the #firstfruitcollection and we believe that these songs will yield the exactly fruits they were written for.

Stage Performances are another means we use in reaching people with grace. Generally, the stage is a place where we thrive in our delivery of hope and healing. We are known for our written plays, and dramas which are performed live. Live performances have always been an effective tool. We produce stage plays and direct other artistic performances especially those that are geared to uplifting people. We are also into screen plays and tv drama. Our next tv drama series titled “Bloodline” is in the works.

Teachings, especially on spiritual truths are very vital in PS. We take up speaking engagements where we teach people on deep spiritual concepts. Most times the problems people face are dealt with when they unlearn certain practices and do the right things. Other times, we just need to keep hearing the right things even when we know them. Our job at PS is to teach spiritual principles rather than religious rituals. Religion which has done more harm than good is the basis for most of the problems in the world today. The Project Salt helps people look away from religion and look unto Grace.

Founding Members

The Project Salt was founded initially as a music group. It was not until later in our work with the Holy Spirit that he expanded our purpose. The founding members were not even aware of the great mandate they were being a part of. They just wanted to sing and bless lives while they could.

PS started in Babcock University Nigeria when a group of beautiful vocalists came together to form a private independent music team. The band was so eager to do music that they forgot to pick a name or an identity. However, they were known around campus for their individual and collective music prowess.

Ngozi Ordu: one of the three vocalists in the group. I passionate singer that could silence a crowd without moving an inch; all she had to do was sing.

Juliet Ochevire: another vocalist who never stopped developing herself. Whenever we transposed spontaneously on stage, she always delivered with her pitch. Currently she works in the telecomm industry.

Mirabel Ayavoro : such a great vocalist. I do not need to say much about her now that she has become popular for singing and playing the acoustic guitar. All I can say is ‘google her’.

Fiyin Ola: back then we called him Fingers; some still call him by that name. He has become sort of a legend in Babcock University. Blessed with the skill of playing the keyboard and guitar, fingers established himself as the most creative instrumentalist in his time. He is currently a top class professional musician working with various bands on numerous programs and projects.

Tobe: this fellow is blessed with a pair of divine legs. As our drummer, he was also remarkably skilful on the soccer pitch. He is currently studying to be a Computer Scientist at the University of Ibadan.

Daniel Oseghe: another blessed creative mind, he is one out of the two founding members that have remained with us till date. He has functioned primarily as our base guitarist and secondarily as our keyboardist. He is presently obtaining a masters degree in mass communication at the University of Lagos.

Ola Famoye: this fellow was our official guitarist. Known as Ola strings, he has also become a legend on campus. He spent his days playing the guitar at concerts off campus when we weren’t engaged. He claims that music is the power to his soul. He is currently the CEO of Sign-in tunes Entertainment.

Osagie Ozigbo: this is another awesome creative mind. He has successfully dabbled through a number of musical instruments that we are waiting for him to pick up the talking drum. He is also a vocalist and is currently doing great as an independent act in the music industry.

bigDan McDon: he functioned as the music director of the group. He has remained with the group till date and is currently the Executive Director. He is a recording and performing artist as well as a Development Specialist.

Our musical works and articles are available online, please do avail yourself of them. Just google ‘the project salt’ and you will find them on popular accessible platforms.

Also anticipate our 2019 project “Unscripted” which will be dropping in soon; it has already started blessing us. We can’t wait to hear your testimonies.

…hope and healing