Efe Nathan has been many things to many people at different times and different places. But one thing has remained consistent about this woman of God – her love for music ministry. Not only is she passionate about her service to God in the office of a praise-worship leader, songwriter and music director, she is also passionate about young people who seek to do what she has been doing for decades to the glory of God.

Her passion for young ministers led to the popular Mentor’s Moments with Efe Nathan – an even which has gone on for over 5 years with at lease one onsite session every year and multiple online sessions till date. The event has featured a number of renowned music ministers, artistes and music directors and has brought hundreds of musicians together.

Over the years, the event has been pact full and impactful. She has watched her mentees grow from strength to strength even as she grows too. Now Efe Nathan is ready for the next phase of her assignment, The Efe Nathan Worship Academy.


This institution will harmonise all of her teachings and coaching programs into one package. The academy will create a community of trainees, home and abroad, where they all can receive from God through his servant, share experiences, ask questions and grow together. The first season is expected to start in March 2023 and last for a minimum of 6 weeks with a convocation and certification afterwards.

if you want to be part of this and/or you know someone who needs this, do well to fill the form below. Details regarding the academy will be sent to you via email as soon as they are confirmed.




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