Unscripted Sessions for the month of March is up on our YouTube channel and its already blessing lives. This time, Mike the Saxophone Minstrel blesses us with his gift in the presence of our God. Without saying a word or singing a note, he said deep things to God and took us into a memorable worship experience.

Mike is what you might call a “stand up” guy. He is simple, down to earth, real, and a lover of God. He has dedicated his life to the service of God regardless of the surrounding situation. Mike considers himself to be a vessel through which God chooses to bless his people. This is why we call him Minstrel. If its not going to bless lives, Mike will rather not get involved and if it will bless lives, Mike will do everything in his power to get involved.

Here’s the full Unscripted Session where Mike poured his worship at the feet of our God.

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If you would like to have Mike at your event, do send us an email via info@theprojectsalt.com and we will do our best to make it happen. Don’t stop with this video; there are many more Unscripted Sessions for your worship experience on our YouTube platform. You can also follow our Podcast on Spotify and Anchor radio for daily doses of goodness.

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