She Saw Him

The little girl watched in silence as they ‘raped’ her mum
She winced as they slashed mercilessly with their words
If it were real, her mother would have been dead
Or maybe she was, for the woman stood silent, eyes numb
‘’You whore! You are beyond redemption”, they cried
“Shameless swine, your generation is cursed”
“How dare she sleep with the priest; she probably lured him with those lips”
“Take her to the square, stone her to death”
She watched them push her Mum; she saw them strip her naked
She watched them scour her pink lips with sharp sand till it turned bloody red
She followed them, noting their angry faces and vengeful hearts
She saw the priest join in beating the woman he kissed minutes ago
“Oh, there is Jesus. Let him judge her”, he taunted
“He would definitely kill her, smashing her brain with the stones of the temple”
“He knows the law of Moses, let him destroy her. Let him strike her till she dies”
She heard them explain to this man what her mother did
She saw him stare and move towards the ‘unclean woman’
She saw him drop the stone they thrust into His hands
She heard him say those words that saved her Mum;
“Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone”
She saw Jesus, she was never the same

© Ayobami Ajayi, 2018

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