The monster gazed at me with an ugly smirk
His lips covered with blood and his claws so dark
I sang the words I had learnt just yesterday
“…No longer a slave to fear…A child of God?”
Puff! I gasped in pain
With His menacing blows, I laid on the floor slain
It was supposed to work right?
The words were supposed to take me on a flight
Far far away like Cinderella in the castle.
He walked away, having drunk his fill of me
He pulled my hair and promised another repeat…
This could not go on. What did I do wrong?
How do I escape? Where was the man with the white cape?
And sure enough He came…a figment or so I thought
“Did you use the word?” He asked me
“Of course I did”, I spat in disgust
I memorised them. I sang them. I whispered them.
He sighed…”Well, did you eat them? Till your spirit and soul were drunk with them?”
“Did you chew them deliberately? Till they became tattoos on your skin?”
“Did you become the word’s word? Till your heart rather than blood pumped the word’s ink?”
And sure enough I did
And with every gulp, my head rose up an inch
Yes! Yes! A Son….Not a slave, my Spirit renewed my mind
And this time I picked up my club…
Walked boldly into the enemy’s hub.
While I beamed this time, it was he who flinched.

© Ayobami Ajayi.

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