The Musings of a Humble Soul Saved by Grace

So, late last night, we received a short message on one of our social media platforms from a friend of The Project Salt. It was so sincere and heartfelt that we thought it best to share with you unedited.

Here goes…

I realised that Christians seem like the biggest to criticise other Christians when they mess up forgetting that we are all in the same boat….

What we really are as believers is basically like a beggar who has managed to find a place that serves good food for free… He then tells other beggars about this place… Some go and get the free good food too, others don’t…
If for any reason one of the other beggars who has been eating from the good food place now one day slips up and eats from the gutter, the first beggar really has no moral right or high ground to run that guy down with words or action… They are all still beggars who all ate from the gutter anyway… And he also can’t say that the guy who slipped up shouldn’t come back and eat the free good food again.

I think one of the major reasons we seem to find it hard to preach to guys who are all out and deep on the other side of the divide is we don’t ever really talk about our own time on the other side of the divide… We only talk about how we are on the right side now and how you must be on the right side too!!!

The irony is that we actually never crossed the line in the first place… We are constantly only trying daily to go towards the line… I guess it was Paul who said he hasn’t attained perfection yet but he is daily pressing forward (I am not even sure if I am correct)

Sorry for the long rant… I hope this helps somehow… I am going to shut up now because even me I don’t know what I am saying again.

Alex Abdul.

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