QB: No More Hustle

“The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it”. This statement is from the Bible; Prov 10:22 and from whatever translation it’s read from, it says the same thing “God’s blessing requires no hustle on your part”.

The average person in a human society is not only evaluated by his or her results, the work behind the results are also evaluated by members of the society. So the average man not only takes pride in his achievements, he also takes pride in the work even before the achievements show up. The average woman shows off her hard work even just as much as she shows off her successes. This automatically pushes people to work hard and push themselves and grind until results show, avoiding any strategy or process that will make people think they didn’t work for their achievements.

This is why you will always hear statements like “she’s hard working” and not “she’s smart working”. We never want to lose the chance of saying “I worked for everything I’ve got”. The pride that comes from making it big by your hustle is immense for the average person. It is the quest for this same pride and ‘dignity’ that has robbed people of their relationships with family and friends, led to divorce, kept them unmarried and unhappy, made them antisocial, made them lonely while within social circles, turned them to brash, harsh, irritable, unkind people, and in many cases led to suicides and suicidal tendencies.

Why go through all that hustle and labour only to get to the top and be alone and angry with the rest of life, when the blessing of God relieves you of unnecessary hustle? Why strive to be a self made man when, in truth, there’s nothing like a self made man? Why struggle to get to the top of the mountain only to realise that the rest of your life deficient?

The word sorrow in the above scriptural text is originally translated as “labour”. This implies that God really does not need you to go through the normal processes of this world to achieve good success. It should be clear that this isn’t a pass for us to be lazy and stay off work…it is the works of our hands that God will bless. However, the life of a Christian is a life of unfair advantage in this world. So whilst people try to grab everything in life by struggling for it, you simply ask your father for the way and get to the top in style.

There are different ways to get to the top. You can climb up, float up, be pushed up or be caught up. How you get to the top determines to a large extent how long you get to stay there.

If you get there by your lonesome (which truly is factually inaccurate), you will be forced to hold yourself up but we know that as long as life is concerned, you cannot do that for long.

If you get to the top using black magic, charms and the likes, be sure to suffer the consequences which include short life span, maintaining near impossible lifestyles just to stay alive and wealthy, constant sacrifices and rituals to sustain whatever spell is in play. The kingdom of darkness is unable to give you anything without taking more in exchange.

If you get to the top by the help of people, it is those people who will have to hold you up. Like a politician who has won the elections and seeks a second term or desires a higher position in the government….he would have to depend on the electorate to hold him up. And we all know how stochastic humans can be; they love you today, they hate you tomorrow.

But if you get to the top by the blessing of God, you are up forever…why? Because “He that is above is above all”. When you are caught up, it means you are being pulled up by a higher power… stronger than the gravity of life that has pulled many down.

In Christ, there is really no need to hustle. Just do the work God has placed in your hands, follow His instructions and let him produce a harvest from it. If you could do it all on your own, Jesus wouldn’t have come to die. The death of Christ and the salvation of our soul was for this purpose…that He may return us to the life man lived before the fall in Eden. That life was seamless, stressless, simple and sweet…the exact life He wants for us now even in this flaws world. So hence forth desire the blessing of the Lord. You get it by receiving the life of Christ and you never lose it no matter what. Its a one-time deal with the full package.

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