QB: How Long Will It Take?

Growth is a natural process in life. People tend to grow in various aspects of their life. Some areas simply grow in response to the growth in other areas. For instance, growth in age will usually inform growth in size and growth in academic/mental capacity, which may in turn determine growth in financial independence.

However, certain growths in the human life cannot be left to natural occurrence. This implies that there are some areas where deliberate efforts are required to cause growth. One of such areas, which is considered the most important area for growth is the Spirit man.

A lot of people fail to understand that the is a realm of the spirit an its reality is not just parallel to the physical realm but a determinant of the physical realm. Simply put, what you see in the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual. So, to effectively cause changes in the physical without going through the hassle of engaging physical laws, all you have to do is effect those changes in the spirit and in the process of time, those changes will manifest in the physical. If you do not understand the aforementioned process, then you are definitely in need of spiritual growth.

Let’s make it clear at this point that spiritual growth is not as mystical as people consider it to be. It does not requite floating in the clouds or frowning intensely all day, or generally being antisocial. Being spiritual is simply maintaining a level of perception beyond your natural sense organs. So living a spiritual life is living beyond the limitations of your natural senses.

For believers, this requires a mindset and lifestyle based purely on the word of God. So whatever you hear, see, smell, taste, feel, must be subjected to what God says concerning that matter and if those natural perceptions fall short of God’s word, then they cease to be your reality. A spiritual life is a life whose reality is strictly God’s word.

That being said, it is unfortunate that a lot of people fail to develop their spirit man. They don’t search to know what God says about their general life or their specific situations. They live life as a random walk and consequently they are subject to every and any antic of the devil.

Life just happens to them. They fall sick, spend a whole lot of money on medication and start practising weird restrictive procedures just to stay healthy even when God promises effortless divine health. They are scared of everything that can scare them even when God says he has not given us a fearful spirit. They hustle for everything even when the blessings of God have no sorrow (labour, hustle) attached to it. The cry helplessly at bad circumstances even when the spirit of God provides encouragement and they are superlatively amazed by miracles even when God says that signs and wonders will follow them if the just believe. But, in all these, they still have never tried to build stature and stamina in the spirit in order to live above limitations.

Instead of holding on to the infallibility word of God, they would rather live their lives as humanists, capitalists, feminists, democrats, communists, egalitarians, etc. They fail to realise that these man made ideologies are flawed and cannot sustain the human race. They have all been proven to fail over the years and therefore cannot be trusted, yet, people live their lives based on their tenants.

But one observation has been made across time and space; people eventually realise their failures to grow in the spirit. Some realise it early in life, accept God’s word and live fruitful, joyful lives. Some others get tired of fighting the word of truth and eventually yield to it but have little or nothing to do as they are now old and weak. The rest get to realise their failure to build their spiritual life right on their death beds. These ones end up dieing with regrets.

What category do you stand in? What category do you wish to stand in? Don’t let life spend valuable time beating growth into you. Because, honestly, you will have to grow…it’s a matter of time and willingness. The question is, will the cruelty of life have to coerce you into growth?

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.


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