QB: Why Your Faith Won’t Work


You don’t have the conviction yet.

A lot of people think faith is just believing that stuff will happen. And when stuff doesn’t happen, they tend to lose faith in faith. Some people have become cynics and sceptics because they have not seen their faith work unarguably before. Some become totally secular and anti-God just because bad things happened to them despite their faith. But after proper evaluation, you realise most people don’t actually work their faith.

Having faith in a truth is different from accepting information. It’s one thing to accept that there is a concept called gravity. It’s another thing to believe in the existence of gravity. Accepting the concept means you can write or speak about it, pass an exam on the subject and even teach it to other people. Believing in he existence is seen when you refuse to jump off a building or cliff, knowing that you won’t fly but land fatally.

Faith that works is not just believing but having absolute conviction in the truth you know. This is why born-again Christians are referred to as believers. They believe the word of God. Outside the word of God, all you have is hope. For instance… Jim has no money to get back to his dorm room from class. He tells his friends of his predicament and begins to ask around for assistance while classes are in session. Brian tells Jim that he once was stranded too but some guy in the same class named Jake whose dad’s loaded, helped him out. Brian also tells Jim that Jake is quite a generous guy and wouldn’t think twice about helping him too. At this instant, Jim is hopeful that he wouldn’t have to sleep in class or walk into the night back home because there is a possibility of getting some financial assistance from Jake.

We can therefore say that hope is basically the result of a positive information or occupancy as concerns our need or desires. Faith however, happens when Jake, after being asked by Jim for some cash to get him home that night, tells Jim “no problem bro, immediately after our last class, I’ll give you a ride home”. At this point Jim has a word of assurance from Jake and therefore wouldn’t need to keep asking around for help. In fact, when people ask him how he’s going to manage for the night, Jim will simply say, “it’s been taken care of, Jake’s got me covered.”

So while our hope is in positive occurrences, our faith should be in God’s word. But what if something goes wrong with Jake’s car? Jim may feel dumb for putting all his hopes in this dude instead of having a plan B. But on knowing that Jake’s dad is loaded, he is rest assured that Jake still has him covered. This is the same with God, he has proven himself countless times in and out of scripture to earn you total conviction in his promise regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. So when God gives you a word, hold on to it with both hands and feet. Stop trying out other options or trying to assist God in getting it done. You’ll just be getting in the way.

So hence forth, don’t just accept the word of God, believe it totally so much so that it would take a whole lot to convince you otherwise. That’s when your faith works and even the world around you will begin to align with your faith just so your desires are met.

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.


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