Q.B. Stop Digging Wells, when there is a fountain.

It has been observed that people are less likely to ask for help especially when they have not exhausted all other options within their power, skill or influence.

Research also shown that make drivers would rather risk getting lost than ask directions while on a road trip. This has perplexed the women who drive alongside them… she’ll always say “let’s ask around before we go too far or get lost” and he’ll always say “I’ve got it. I remember it now, I understand the map now”…well until they get unarguably, undeniably lost.

It is unfortunate that people take up major goals, tasks and projects with little or no preparation, training and counsel. People have gone into marriage with high expectations but low preparations because they feel society has thought them all there is to know. Some others get into business deals with clear information asymmetry simply because they like the high yield presented to them. Even issues as little as the course to major in should not be decided on without adequate knowledge.

But if we must be honest, for every situation that ended badly or is currently in a mess, look closely, counsel was ignored or rejected. This implies that on the average, people deserve what they get out of their ventures in life. Ventures that end well usually started with the gathering of knowledge and were sustained by counsel. But ventures that end badly were starved of sufficient knowledge, counsel, advice and consultation.

One major reason why people tend to run without counsel is the “I made it” mentality; what we can call the “self-made man syndrome”. The average person doesn’t want to share the glory with anyone so they keep to themselves, push their projects to the best of their individual abilities then get stuck somewhere because honestly, there is no such thing as a self-made man. Every man is a product if the positive and negative relationships in his life.

We need to learn to be teachable, take advice, ask questions, seek directions….not just from God but also from men and women God will lead you to. Why dig wells when fountains of knowledge flow around us. Seeking counsel will not reduce our status. It’s safer to be a fool within the duration of asking a question and receiving counsel than to be a colossal fool in life due to failures in endeavours, especially when there are people who have knowledge specific to those endeavours.

Let our pride not rob us of our excellence. Let us drink from the fountains around us.

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.

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