QB: Move on, Greater Mountains Ahead.

You cannot afford to keep looking back whilst you intend to make progress. You can either look back and retrogress or look forward and progress…you can’t do both.

Most motivational speakers tell us to never dwell on our failures. They inspire us to keep the hope alive and look forward else we will be distracted or delayed by our past failures and end up missing the goal we intend to achieve.

Well, you need to also know that dwelling on your past successes will do the exact same thing to you. We often make the mistake of over celebrating our previous success and most times, we keep ourselves from achieving greater heights because we are running on fuel of past glories.

In the service industry, it is said that a man is only as good as his last work. This means that the satisfaction of your last client determines how good you are. However, in the realm of the spirit, a man is considered to be as good as his vision. This implies that his past inadequacies or abilities do not define him, instead he is defined by the quality of vision he nurtures on the inside. If this is true then a spiritual man conceived of a vision only has to dust himself of his failures or take a leap off his plateau and focus on bringing the vision to fruition.

The honest truth is that dwelling on your immediate past success is more dangerous than dwelling on your past failures. You failures may discourage you for a while but in the long run, they tend to boost your drive for success. On the flip side, dwelling on your immediate past success will limit you. If you fail to look up from that success story, you will eventually expect every venture to turn out just the same. Unfortunately, they never do. Life comes at you in different ways at different times so you can’t afford to expect your future success to align with your past success story.

Learn to hold unto God above all else because while everything in life is subject to change, God who stands outside life is fixed…multidimensional, but fixed. He has the power to guide u through each endeavour in life and help you prevail in changing situations.

The path of the just shines like the dawn until the noon day, so it is expected that you should never have a better yesterday. Why then should you focus on yesterday’s success instead of focusing on God who pulled you through? There are greater mountains ahead of you so don’t expect to meet the same challenges as before. For each mountain you take, there is a bigger mountain to be taken.

So get up from your feast, quit over-celebrating previous successes, take hold of God’s hands and conquer more territories. The world is waiting for you, it is your time to manifest!

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.

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