QB: No Space for Show

There are so many ways in today’s church that have become avenues for people to exhibit their gifts and skills. The average Sunday service is now a variety show for skilled musicians, gifted singers, well dressed ushers, and even macho security officers.

In recent times, preachers have joined the exhibition. So whilst they are delivering the word of God, they derail from the subject and get into self aggrandisement.

The latest show of importance and greatness by preachers especially on social media is the the show of prophetic utterance. Every Tom, Dick and Johnbosco today uploads clips of prophetic statements on Facebook and Instagram as a show of spiritual greatness. Whether they are actually operating in the realm of the prophetic is an issue for another day.

Under normal circumstances, these exhibitions of utterance should not cause issues but in a world where the church of God is always under fire, even for her legitimate and scriptural practices, failed and irrelevant prophecies are not really helping our claims either. It is bad enough that we prophesy on spiritually tribal matters, but when these prophecies don’t come true, the Kingdom of God is shamed.

Like it or not, prophecies can be overturned. Believe it or not, prophecies can be delayed or even fade away. Not every prophecy prevails and not every prophecy is on time. There are two major reasons why legitimate prophecies fail:

The first is Counter Prayers. In 2nd Kings 20, a story is told of the encounter between Isaiah and Hezekiah that proves that even prophecies directly from God can be overturned in the place of prayer. This story is one of many documented in scripture.

So before you post that clip of you prophesying or even before you decide to prophesy, consider the fact that between the time of prophecy and the time of fruition, certain people can go on their knees to overturn it. This has been seen in different political prophecies that didn’t materialise because certain stakeholders prevailed in counter prayers.

The second is Ignorance or Indifference. If the stakeholders in a prophecy fail to engage that prophecy and work it to fruition, the prophecy will either die off or lay dormant and be delayed till someone is ready to do the work. In Genesis 15:13 God told Abraham that his descendants would be under oppression in a foreign land for 400 years after which they would be freed. Unfortunately, this promise was not documented so the Israelites, descendants of Abraham were unaware of this prophecy and could not engage it at the right time. If only they knee, they probably wouldn’t have rejected Moses the first time. In the end, it took the about 430 years to get out of Egypt.

A failed prophecy is bad for the identity and integrity of the Kingdom, especially when it is on a trivial matter. Does this mean we should not prophesy anymore? No, we only need to realise that Jesus is still the star of the show.

The bottom line of the matter is pride. It may not be a dominant character trait in the preachers but sometimes it sparks up and pushes the preacher to validate his calling and stature with God. We must ask the holyspirit to prune us of all weights that seem to prevent us from running this race and help us to keep looking unto Jesus the author and Finisher of our faith.

We hope this breakdown has provoked a chain of thoughts in your heart and we hope it ends up in positive changes. Feel free to share this with whoever, wherever and whenever. Also, let us know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in he comment section.

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