QB; Mind Where You Point That Thing.

We live in a world where premarital sex is a norm. People meet for the first time, they have sex, simply because they like each other. Others go on some dates and then sex, like going on dates will validate the sex. Some others say “after all we are getting married soon” so, sex. We fail to understand that the same lack of self control that leads to fornication, leads to adultery. So we now have baby mamas everywhere, baby daddies too and millions of children who have no idea who their fathers are.

Lets make this clear, every father is a trainer, whether you like it or not, we you are married to the child’s mother or not. If you are not ready to function in that capacity, holster you weapon sir! One of the biggest problems in our generation is incompetent fathers who are failing their children by not showing up and not training their kids so these they can make smarter decisions than their dads. Most baby daddies are yet to put their life together. Most of them lack the discipline in the first place to keep from knocking women up so seeing them messing the lives of their offspring is no surprise.

Women on the other hand, should stop getting pregnant for men who aren’t their husbands; stop sleeping with men only to be surprised that you are pregnant. Thats how people get pregnant! No trick used in preventing pregnancy is 100% sure so close your legs ma, don’t bring a child into this world only to damage him/her. And enough of all that feminist/voluntary single mom nonsense; don’t bring an innocent child into your social ideology conquest. Stop trying to use the life and destiny of a helpless child to prove your point. Get married and raise a family the right way…not for you but for the kids, they need a balanced home. If we all just stop this narcissism and prioritise the children, our decisions will align with our responsibilities as trainers.

Its not like there’s a certificate school where mothers and fathers learn to train kids. Some of us weren’t raised properly by our parents, some of us never met our parents. So half the time, we have no idea what to do or how to do it. But we must always try to raise our children right. In the end, it is our desire to function in the capacity of a trainer and mentor to our kids that helps us eventually find a way.

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