QB; Trains

It is saddening to watch young people and kids grow up without proper parental training, especially from fathers or father figures. It is more saddening that people now deliberately give birth to or adopt kids with the intention of raising them without balanced training from both mother and father figures. The later usually happens when the parent is thinking more about self and the pleasures of having a child than the child and the training required for optimal growth. Yes it may seem like a great show of benevolence adopting a child but truly, whoever deliberately brings a child into an imbalanced home is doing harm to that child.

So whats with all the talk about training?

In the last post, we distinguished preaching and teaching from training. This was done to ensure that this post hits the nail right on the head. Myles Monroe said that the art of training is basically the same process carried out by a train. The prime mover of the train is the first part which is most important as it determines movement and direction while the other parts are called cars. The cars are attached to the prime mover and follow it everywhere it turns. Once the link between cars and the prime mover is broken, the cars could move into other tracks as the train changes direction till they eventually grind to a stop since they are no more attached to their original source of movement and direction.

This is the same with training, especially training in a family. Dad and Mom are required to train the kids with their lifestyles; not just with books or even the bible. Granted, it is very important to direct the to scriptures so they can stand on the word of God with their own two feet, but the truth is that kids, especially the little ones learn more by observation than instruction. A very good percentage of the things kids do is usually based on the observations of the dominant figure in their lives. This is why the role of proper training cannot be over emphasised.

You can preach to your child, you should teach your child but the game changer is good sound training. This is usually the distinguishing factor among kids; observe a group of teenagers together for a while and you can tell which of them are being trained by a father and mother figure and which aren’t, even when they actually had fathers and mothers.

We hope this quote was broken down adequately. Let’s endeavour to get it right with our individual families; they determine the social climate of any nation.

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