QB: Imperfection

It is said that the church is a hospital and the only person who’s completely sound is the Holy Spirit. This means that even the preacher is dealing with some issues and is, half the time, preaching to himself. So it is possible that preachers don’t live exactly what they preach yet.

T.D. Jakes recounts the times he had to go preach on subjects like “Jehovah Jireh, God the provider” and he would have to hitch a free a ride to the church. Pastor Chris recounts his days in the university when he would sneak out of the hospital where he was admitted and under medication only to go and preach/minister healing at crusades. There are preachers who preach prosperity even while they are downright broke. This is because preaching is simply declaring GOD’S word regardless of the prevailing circumstances. So even preachers are not perfect, however, they daily strive for perfection as they let their lives align with those declarations.

The teacher is allowed to fall short of the standard. This is because teaching is not based on the personal life of the teacher but a curriculum. So a teacher of law may not practice law but raise great lawyers. A teacher of physics may just teach the theories and a little practicals but may not be knowledgeable in the intricacies of applications. This doesn’t mean he won’t raise ground breaking physicists.

A Trainer on the other hand is required to live by the standards of the training. This is because training is based on the lifestyle of the trainer, specific to whatever area needed by the trainee. Notice that the preacher and teacher carry out their work using an independent standard, the Bible or the textbook. The trainer is not independent of the training guid. It is a do as i do situation. This is why you must be careful who trains you in any aspect of life.

Fathers are basically the first trainers of any human being. This is why fathers must get it right. Career coaches, marriage coaches, etc are trainers you may beed or encounter later in life but the initial works must be laid down by a father.

The value and absence of a father will be discussed in subsequent posts on Quote Breakdown.

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