Makeover (baby girl)…lyrics

I’ve got a friend

who’s the best makeup artiste i know,

He gives the best makeovers in the world,

It may be hard for you to believe, but if he did it for me,

He will do it for you…

Baby girl had a dream,

To be the girl on the screen,

To be the star she knew she could be.

But she had to take care of daddy,

Who was sick to the bone

While her mother had taken to drinking.

Her baby brother and sister,

Depended on her

As she tried to raise money for dinner.

It got tough to survive

and she had nothing to lose

So she chose to do whatever it took.

So she made the wrong friends,

Took the wrong stuff,

And soon the click became a gang.

They took up on drugs

with guns to their side,

when they walked through the block

People ran in to hide

She knew sex had a cost

So she did it for money,

She aborted her kids

Though she never was sorry,

She was losing her mind

And she knew something was wrong,

She tried to get help

‘cos she was lost all along.

She ran to her mother

but she was passed out drunk,

Baby called out for daddy,

But he was dead and gone.

She cried for her siblings

‘Cos they were lost to the world,

So she ran to the church cos she could take it no more…

She cried Jesus please help me,

People say you change lives.

I don’t know if you can hear me

With this evil inside.

I’m running out of time

And I will self-destruct

If you don’t touch my life

‘Cos theres no one else to trust.

So Jesus showed up for her

Like He showed up for me.

If you see baby girl,

You will hardly believe.

She has a beautiful life

With beautiful kids,

She has a husband who loves her

Who led her to Christ.

This is what Jesus does;

If you’re lost you’ll be found,

He will take your pain

And turn your frown upside down…

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