Quote Breakdown; Remain in Joy

It is easy to assume that the concept of joy or the art of being joyful is lost only on 3rd world countries. But it has become abundantly clear that even people in thriving economies suffer depression due to dysfunctional lifestyles.

Pain is relative…this implies that your pain hurts you as deeply as mine hurts me regardless of what exactly constitutes our individual pains. So the white upper-middle class man who seems to be adequately satisfied with life may be in just as much pain as the poor black girl from the slums of Nairobi.

This series deals with JOY not only as the flip side of pain but the antidote to pain, hurt, lack and other challenges. This then implies that joy can be stimulated despite pain and hurt in order to eliminate the pain and obtain that which we need…the lack of which made us sad and hurt.

Notice that the joy is generated in spite of the hurt and also that joy quenches the hurt not after the need has been met but before. It is then safe to say that joy is the solution to the problem, not the acquisition of that need that causes the hurt.

This short series of Joy in the multi-series teachings tagged Quote Breakdown will treat quotes on the subject and help us understand the immense value of joy and the art of being joyful.

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