QB: No Stationarity.

People tend to say this about their spiritual life;

“i cant really say I’ve grown but I’ve not deprecated”.

“My relationship with God may not be deeper this year but i know it has not reduced”.

“I know my prayer life has not really improved buy i know it hasn’t waned”.

They say these based on the assumption that there is an average point in growth, or that there is a stationary state in the realm of the spirit. This, unfortunately is not true. It would really be lovely if we could just put our lives on cruise and let it remain at a steady state; no over-speeding and no slowing down. But this cannot happen in the kingdom. Even in the natural, life doesn’t play out that way; what ever stops growing starts depreciating.

The truth is that the life of anything in the physical or in the spiritual either rises in growth or declines in retardation. This means that one can either grow or pretend to be growing or some times, grow at a poor rate and structure or even grow in the wrong direction.

Growth is deliberate and is therefore the responsibility of a man to ensure growth. If you do not feed the body, growth will be prevented, same thing for the soul, for faith and for every aspect of life that requires growth.

You cannot conform yourself to the mentalities, thought patterns and ideologies of this world and expect spiritual growth. You cannot afford to cage yourself in with the opinions and practices of men, especially when you are born of the spirit. If you are really born of the spirit, you require spiritual food for spiritual growth.

Simple things like STUDYING your bible and MEDITATING on the word of God will greatly transform your mind if done consistently. Listen to good gospel music, read good books and novels that reveal Jesus, surround yourself with friends that can help you change your orientation about life and you will be shocked how your life will change within a year.

You’ll kill short temperedness, you’ll build tolerance and patience, you’ll learn to be kind and gentle and you’ll learn to love without all the mess the world attaches to it. Even people will begin to probe and test you to ascertain if what they see is truly what is.

Growing is quite easy. You never see a tree groaning and struggling to produce fruit. Thats ‘cos growth is just a matter of consistency in the little things that really matter.

I hope you now understand that life isn’t stationary…you either grow or depreciate.

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