New Multi-Series Teachings coming soon.

Salt Sundry, a division of The Project Salt group is set to begin a multiple series of teachings based on journal inputs of great teachers and speakers in the faith.

This program which will be exclusively featured on all online platforms of The Project Salt will attempt to zero in on great quotes by great individuals, break these quotes down into real life situation and make them well rounded for understanding and application. By extension, these teachings will deal with wrong statements, notions, quotes and ideologies made by popular people which are being accepted by many.

The objective for this is to ensure that deep and insightful statements don’t suffer misinterpretations especially when they can be adequately interpreted in scripture. It has been noticed that the internet is filled with a lot of wrong notions and statements in reaction either to misguided interpretations of sound quotes by great people or poor, illogical and unscriptural quotes by popular people.

These series will premiere on the 10th of June 2018 and will be featured on all our platforms so do well to watch this space as it promises to be engaging and insightful, dealing with real life issues.

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