QB; You Determine Life.

People have constantly made this statement over time either in passing or in conviction. Even a popular song goes further to declare, that “the future is not for us to say…” but the truth is, that statement is untrue.

This popular quote has become an excuse on the lips of people who are about to give up, who have given up and people who have no plan at all to get in the ring. The truth is “what will be is what you enforce”, You determine what the future holds. This is not a motivational piece; its not to get you all hyped up to take a bold step and determine your life, no. It is a spiritual truth; GOD’S original plan was to create a beautiful world and put man in charge of it. At two different times, He tried to reestablish man’s authority over life: once under Noah after wiping the slate clean with the flood and later with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The second attempt hit the bulls eye, so all man has to do now is to believe in the finished work of Christ and return to the top of the food chain. Now no circumstance or situation can determine your life. You literally overcome the world, 1John 5:5 makes it clear. In fact, every man has been restored to the original place of authority by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice but 1John 5:4 says that authority can only be activated by faith.

This world submits to you. You decide the future. This is how God planned it. It doesn’t mean you overthrow God, He remains on the throne, you are just enjoying delegated authority.

Refuse to live your life based on random walk. Be deliberate with your life. Stop waiting to react to life, act!

Those who make reactions experience life, those who take actions determine life.

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