QB: Joy Corrects Errors.

Every one has made mistakes in their lives; silly, dumb, and outright stupid mistakes….the kind of mistakes that hunt your in the future and make you ask yourself “what in GOD’S name was i thinking”.

Well the truth is your mistake does not necessarily need to damage your life. Joy has a way of turning your mistake to a perfect roadmap to your testimony.

Poju Oyemade taught that The Holy Spirit works like a car’s navigation system. When you take a wrong turn, it doesn’t spend time chiding you and calling you dumb…it simply recalculates and reroutes you to the destination you punched in earlier.

However, the holy spirit can only function in this dimension when the believer is in joy. Your joy is simply a declaration that you know God loves you, you know God is for you and on your side and you know that God will do everything to make sure it all ends in praise even when you got yourself into the mess and deserves sanctioning. With that, the holy spirit is given the liberty to order your life back kn course.

But in the presence of doubt, fear and regret, the holy spirit is limited and you end up suffering the consequences of your mistake. Joy helps God work so we don’t suffer the consequences of our mistakes.

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