bigDan McDon making us proud.

so, we came across a lovely playlist compiled by boomplay music app and decided to carry out a little investigation.

We found out that one of our Acts, the Creative Director of the project salt bigDan McDon has been consistently featured in various playlists put together by individuals and boomplay itself.

The works made available to the app include; namesake, simple worship, my burdens and Ife.

We kept scrolling down through numerous playlists till we got tired and concluded that his songs have been duely accepted around the world even without the expected promotions and publicity.

We are currently working on an album with bigDan McDon titled the “first fruit collection” and we believe it will deliver as anticipated. This album will feature Kenny Kore, Jedi Olawale, Efe Nathan and others.

We can’t wait to release this album, hopefully this year and we know the world will be blessed by the songs we have put together.

Big ups bigDan. You are making us proud.

Connect with him on his social media frontiers with the handle @bigdanmcdon on Facebook, twitter and Instagram

His songs are also available on

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