It Always Takes Something More

I don’t want to go on and on before hitting the puchline today. I just want to go straight to the issue.

You cannot build a ministry on one gift.

Let me say it again….

You cannot, should not build a ministry on a gift or even gifts.

I have seen people at different times and in different places gathering other people to themselves simply because they have the gift of prophecy or word of knowledge or healing. I have also seen such ministries crumble just as these gifted people break under the pressure to deliver.

When you build an organisation, ministry, church etc on mere gifts, you will run into problem sooner it later. People will only come to you when they have a problem they think you can solve and they will mount pressure on you to manifest.

Let’s assume your church or ministry is built on prophecy and miracles, this means you are constantly requited to perform miracles and prophesy. So if there be any day you become unable to do either, the efficacy of your anointing becomes questionable. I have actually heard of men of God who backslided simply because heaven didn’t answer when it was time for them to manifest.

Stuff like that happens when the MOG has accumulated pride over time, that he doesn’t realize that God retains the final say. Kenneth Hagin, a man we can call the healing machine of his time said if at anytime he prays and God doesn’t release healing, he moves on…its his decision. TD Jakes said he never makes claim to the ability to heal not because he hasn’t healed the sick but because he is not in control of the healing process. He says he will not take on him the responsibility to manifest healing especially when he is not in control of the situation. He’s final statement on the matter shocked me…..”if I pray for someone and the person doesn’t receive healing or the person drops dead, I’ll simply yell ‘next!'”.

I know we are to believe that we have the ability to heal but truly, the final say rests with the source of our ability.

This applies to other gifts…..even music. Notice that great musicians are multidimensional. They never depend on their ability to sing or play one instrument alone. MJ danced so well, we aren’t sure which one made him stand out, his voice or his moves. James brown, Alisha Keys, Cobhams etc all had/have different sides to their career so they don’t over burden on side.

Back to the christian fold, ensure that your ministry, movement, church, music band is based on the word of truth. You are not called to manifest gifts but to bring the kingdom of God to the earth…..your gifts only provide you with a means and from there you build your niche. So if for any reason, your gift fails you, the word of truth will never fail you. If as music minister you get on stage with a bad voice, you can still deliver and bless lives because your music is only a tool. The word of God in your spirit is most vital.

It takes more than gifts fam, go deeper and set a solid foundation for your organization.
…bigDan McDon

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